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Real Life Intrudes Again

I could say nothing and let you all wonder. Or I could be honest. I'll go with the latter.

These are the days when it somewhat sucks to be a legislative reporter. The budget is getting done and the stretch run is on. I love what I do -- more so than ever this time of the year -- but the hours are regrettable and inevitable. As much as I would like to be able to be someone who can work 12+ hours a day and still manage to find time for eating, blogging and living, I find this to be difficult if not impossible.

This period will likely last a couple of weeks. I won't be gone entirely -- far from it. But "Sprints" is likely to be sporadic at best (this marks the second straight day I'm unable to get to it), and other posts will come when they come.

If the politicians can keep the trains running on time, there should be nothing to stop me from resuming full-time May 1. Until then, I cannot promise regularity, and I thought I should let you know in the hopes you will understand.