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Classic Moments in Bad SEC Ads: Tell 'em About It

One consequence of SEC football's popularity is that its major personalities often end up in advertisements. Since they are football coaches or players and not actors, and because the ads are usually produced by local ad agencies, we often end up with hilarious results. Over the course of the offseason, we'll be highlighting some of the best ones.

The Pitch: An urban assault vehicle

The Pitchman: Ed Orgeron

The Setup: It can be summed up in two sentences: Da Coach O loves his Humma’. You oughta’ getta Humma’ too.

The Ad:


As the man himself says, Coach O and the Hummer were the perfect pair. Both are big, tough, and aggressive. If there ever was a vehicle that captures the essence of the Orgeron, this one is it.

In hindsight, they were even more perfect analogues for each other. Ole Miss ended up firing Orgeron, and Saints coach Sean Payton was "relieved" when he decided to head out of town. Part of the reason why GM is in bankruptcy trouble is that consumers are not buying Hummers anymore and the company can’t sell the brand to anyone for any price.

Anyway, this commercial is funny because of Orgeron’s deep Cajun-seasoned voice, the strange camera work, and the "tell ‘em about it, Jo-Jo!" line. Other than that, it’s a fairly standard car commercial, as far as local auto ads go.

The Score: Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Halfgolden-flake_medium  (out of 5)

As we have learned over the past few years, Ed Orgeron is a never ending source of humor thanks to his boundless energy and complete lack of shame. Overall, it’s a good thing for the conference that Tennessee brought him back in.

However, he’s the only thing that makes this commercial stand out. If they had dropped in Archie Manning for the Ole Miss slant instead, it wouldn’t even register.

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