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Sprints // 04.10.09

Quote of the Month. Phil Fulmer, on why he hasn't met Lane Kiffin yet:

"We've missed each other," Fulmer said of Kiffin during an interview aired on WNML's Sports Talk. "We will at some point. He's been very busy. I've been very busy."

Busy, busy, busy. You wouldn't believe the honey-do list that piles up during 16 seasons of head coaching. Ask Johnny Majors how long it took him to get all those chores done.

It's actually an interesting piece, and here's your question of the day: When Fulmer essentially says that hiring Dave Clawson was a mistake, is Phil (a) throwing his former offensive coordinator under the bus; or (b) just stating the obvious?

Speaking of ... Another one bites the dust. Looks like Boy Wonder might have pissed off almost as many Tennessee players as he has SEC coaches. This time, it's Donald Langley quitting the team.

Tennessee's awful baseball season: Explained. They got docked a ton of scholarships under the APR rules. This one, I'm actually willing to say, sounds legit. Scholarships are precious in baseball, and losing 10 percent of them will hurt any team.

Arkansas fans: It's a long season yet. This is way too early. Last year about this time, South Carolina fans were also wondering about their regional chances. That turned out well.

Your weekend in SEC baseball. No real blockbusters here, though my Gamecocks are facing Scott Bittle on Sunday. Ugh.

It's happening! Darrin Horn is leaving! Blog names will have to be changed!
Um, not so much. Yes, there's "wiggle room," and fans should always keep their eye on coaches after a turnaround season -- but this rumor looks to be dead.

'I have in my hands ... ' A Sea of Blue wants to see proof of John Calipari's supposed recruiting transgressions, which is really only fair. However, I'm less sure about pursuing other players to come to Kentucky when you're not 100 percent sure you're going to go.

Michael Oher, getting draft ready. Not much new here, but it's a good primer for anyone who still isn't familiar with the expectations placed on the SEC's most famous offensive lineman.

Speaking of ... A look at where some Tennessee players might end up.

The end of a legend? Jerry at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash mourns the likely end of Legion Field. As an Alabama native who grew up thinking Alabama-Auburn was one of the only games worth watching, I share the sentiment.

Nothing officially confirmed yet, and don't expect it to be. But if true, this could be huge. The investigation is expected to be completed before the end of the century.