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Bob Knight is Getting Quite Familiar with the SEC

Bob Knight built his legend in Big Ten country coaching Indiana. He would go on to coach in the Big 12 at Texas Tech. He now works for ESPN, a company based in a state with a Big East as its only major college school.

Lately though, he's been starting to make the rounds down south.

Back in January the biggest public secret in college sports was that Bob Knight was interested in taking Dennis Felton's empty seat at Georgia. After roughly a week of non-information overload and breathless reporting, that talk quieted down. UGA now seems more interested in trying to pull Jeff Capel out of Oklahoma, according to those who think they know.

The General wasn't done with that though.

Knight came out to give the opening speech of South Carolina's spring football practice. Apparently he and Steve Spurrier have known each other for a few years (who knew?), and I'd expect he can give a pretty good pep talk still.

No word yet on whether he attempted to throw a tackling dummy after an errant Stephen Garcia throw knocked him in the noggin.