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Sprints // 03.04.09

Lou Holth, global warming eckthpert. Yes, that's right. Former South Carolina and (pre-SEC) Arkansas head coach Lou Holtz -- who else did he work for? -- has now weighed in on global warming. And trade policy. Yes, trade policy. Behold the beauty of it:


Woody Hayes would be proud.

I won't get into the politics of this -- even though I'm dying to -- because of the "no-politics" rule here. But any of you who watch "Countdown" probably know where this is headed -- Lou and Hannity make an appearance on the nightly edition of Worst Persons in the World.

Ah. YouTube. This is what DARPA was created for.

I've used all the Capel puns I know. Georgia is now in heated pursuit of Oklahoma's Jeff Capel. Good for them. There's a reason that C&F has depleted his reserve of Capel headlines -- including "A-Capel-a" and "What the Capel is going on?" Because C&F used to be the main blogger at Garnet and Black Attack, SB Nation's South Carolina blog. (Still a proud contributor.)

And the last headline for the Capel storyline had no pun at all: "Used."

The "experts" were all going in the right direction, including Gary Parrish's stunning (and even more so in retrospect) statement that "there isn't a person in college basketball I know who believes Capel won't be the next coach of the Gamecocks."


To their credit, Georgia bloggers aren't necessarily excited about Capel, with the consensus appearing to be that he's just doing what he's done before -- getting more money out of Oklahoma. But they're happy about the big numbers being batted around by the media -- $2 million for a basketball coach. (Nick Saban, after all, doesn't have time for basketball.)

If this story is true, it means UGA is finally ready to get into the Basketbaw Bidness. I get weary of reading pundits question whether or not UGA is seriously committed to building a basketball powerhouse. The problem the last six years hasn't been our commitment to basketball, it's been our commitment to Dennis Felton.

Whether Westerdawg is right about Georgia being ready to be a basketball school or not, I don't know. But I would agree that any school with a "commitment to Dennis Felton" has issues.

Dawg Sports is also riding the excited-but-not-because-of-Capel bandwagon, though MaconDawg doesn't necessarily see Capel as the one floating the rumors.

The only folks who benefit are Jeff Capel, and the other guys (Virginia Commonwealth's Anthony Grant and Xavier's Sean Miller, for example) who will be heavily pursued in a couple of weeks. ... I'm not certain that this one didn't come from an agent for someone other than Jeff Capel who benefits from a charged job market.

Crimson and Cream Machine, SB Nation's Oklahoma blog, is unconcerned.

But is Georgia spending too much on Jancek? That would be John Jancek, and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone who doesn't root for Georgia hasn't heard of their new co-defensive coordinator, who gets the title essentially because he might have taken another job.

Which, according to Georgia fans, might not have been all that bad.

If there's one coach towards the Willie Martinez end of the fan appreciation scale, it's Jancek. Part of that naturally has to do with the "he's not VanGorder" factor. But also linebackers have only occasionally been a bright spot since he took over.

Don't worry, Dawg fans, you can still blame it all on Willie. His responsibilities are unchanged.

Play ball! The SEC goes 9-1 in Tuesday action, the only loss being Alabama's defeat against ... Troy? At least it's just Alabama. And LSU continues to dine on opposing pitching like bon-bons, clobbering New Orleans 19-3. Yeah, it's just New Orleans, but LSU has now scored 99 runs in eight games.