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Classic Moments in Bad SEC Ads: Going for the Gold


One consequence of SEC football's popularity is that its major personalities often end up in advertisements. Since they are football coaches or players and not actors, and because the ads are usually produced by local ad agencies, we often end up with hilarious results. Over the course of the offseason, we'll be highlighting some of the best ones.

The Pitch: The South's Original Potato Chip

The Pitchman: Tommy Tuberville

The Setup: An anonymous (to the announcers) Auburn football player catches a screen pass and streaks up the sidelines. He appears to be moving extra quickly, but why? Is it because he wants to score a touchdown, or could something else be afoot?

Bet the head coach knows...

The Ad



This one has been passed around a bit so it may not be new to you, but it's so awesomely bad that I couldn't begin with anything else.

Preposterous premises are a cornerstone of bad SEC ads, but this one takes the cake. It's too bad for him that Tuberville got fired, but thanks to the magic of online video, his terrible ad lives on. What doesn't this one have?

Mix of game footage with film of an empty stadium supposedly happening concurrently? Check.

The implied notion that the product being hawked is a primary motivation behind SEC football? Check.

Bad acting from the head coach? Check.

The ridiculous look on Tuberville's face and the way he wiggles the bag seal it for the bad commercial hall of fame. This one's a keeper.

Score: Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium Golden-flake_medium  (out of five)

It has everything you want in a bad commercial, plus it's a spot for a product that screams "SEC football ad." Just tremendous.

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