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Sprints // 03.25.09

What's next? Athletic Director William Lincoln? Yes, it looks very much like Anthony Grant of VCU can have the Alabama job -- provided, of course, he's not interested to see if any other, perhaps better jobs might turn up over the next couple of weeks. 

The only caveat, one source said, is that Grant must decide within the next five days or so. Should Grant decide to take longer -- presumably to wait for other possible openings -- UA officials would likely re-open the search to other candidates, including Mike Anderson, whose Missouri team is still in the NCAA tournament. [Emphasis in original]

You've got to give it to Mal Moore and Co. -- this is a gutsy move. You get to issue ultimatums when you're Alabama football, not necessarily when you're Alabama basketball. On the other hand, it's hard to see Grant traveling to Tuscaloosa without being pretty sure he's going to be offered the job. And pretty sure he's going to take it. Though some, wisely, advise caution.

Let this be a lesson to us all about using definitive sentences as headlines.

In any case, it's time for Georgia to move to Plan B. Or maybe Plan A -- if they're willing to wait to offer Grant while knowing he's also a target for Bama, maybe the Dawgs aren't sold on him.

And then there was one. Florida and Auburn both go down in the NIT, leaving Kentucky as the only SEC team left standing in the postseason. The Wildcats play at Notre Dame tonight at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2, and a win there will send them to the Garden for the NIT Final Four. Did you hear that, Kentucky fans? The Wildcats coudl go to the Final Four! Three cheers for Billy Gillispie!

Play Ball! The question that occurred to the Mayor as he considered the Dawgs' Tuesday baseball game:

So who the heck is Wright State, and what was Georgia doing playing them at Foley Field on Tuesday afternoon?

Apparently, Georgia was asking the same question -- because the SEC East front-runners lost to the, um, Raiders 8-5. See that, Georgia fans? It's your No. 1 ranking. Now, raise your hand in the air, and wave bye-bye. Actually, the Dawgs have another midweek game against Georgia Tech and, of course, conference play this weekend to repair the damage.

And Georgia was hardly alone. Four more teams -- Kentucky (at West Virginia), Mississippi State (at South Alabama), Florida (at North Florida) and Ole Miss (vs. St. Louis) -- all lose to nonconference foes.

At what point does this backfire? As a motivational tool, C&F supposes Boy Wonder's foot-in-mouth disease is good as far as it goes. But, at some point -- like, say, when they're putting pictures of him all over the locker room -- don't you have to think that Boy Wonder might be getting inside Florida's head? And couldn't that play into his hands?

Just a thought ...

South Alabama? Really? Just when you're ready as an SEC fan to take umbrage at this swipe over at Dr. Saturday's place (and from Holly, no less!) in a post about the new South Alabama Jaguars football team ...

Seven games, maybe even a road trip somewhere, with a healthy regimen of military academies and junior colleges -- a lineup on par with the non-conference slate of most of the much richer and higher profile schools in the SEC, actually.

... well, then you get to this sentence ...

Other future matchups include a visit to Tennessee and a home-and-home series with Navy, both set for 2013, the same year the Jaguars are scheduled to join I-A ranks as part of the Sun Belt. [Emphasis C&F's]

Sigh. Good job, Vols. Maybe this time you can beat the hopelessly overmatched mid-major team, mkay?

A Houston Nutt QB will play on Sunday! And as quarterback, even. But, alas, still in a college game. Because nothing says Labor Day Weekend like hot dogs, beer and Memphis football.

Big Ten fans venture into SEC country. Okay, now I'm ashamed of my adopted home state. You let them out alive? (Note to the FBI: This is a joke. The guys at The Rivalry are okay. I mean, except for them being Big Ten fans and all ... )

At least it's not 9/11. Nick Saban now sees games more like hurricanes. Nick, some unsolicited advice: Stay away from metaphors that involve, you know, people dying.

Wind Sprints. This just keeps getting stranger. Apologies to Mr. Stallworth will be in order if any premature conclusions were reached by C&F ... Not touching this topic with a ten-foot pole, because many of you wouldn't agree with me ... Mr. College Football goes for a tamer controversy -- or maybe not -- the QB controversy ... This is not SEC-related, but kind of brave ... Not as brave as this, though ...