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Sprints // 03.17.09

Tourney fallout. And the Valley Shook sees disrespect for the SEC as one reason the Bengals ended up an eight seed.

We got only 3 bids and one of those was a surprise automatic bid. ... Is there any compelling reason to believe that Tennessee is all that much better than Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn, who did not get in the tournament? Should any of them have gotten in? I know the SEC was weak this year, but I did not expect the conference to get so disrespected.

Of course, if you're looking for the main reason South Carolina didn't get in, Leftover Hot Dog has your answer.

In the wake of Florida being eliminated from the SEC tournament (and any real chance of the Big Dance), Nick Calathes says he's likely to return. Razorback Expats, devoid of any more postseason play, strolls down memory lane. And the Gamecocks play Davidson twice on Tuesday. No, you didn't read that wrong.

Pro-blems. Both QB Jay Cutler and Matt Jones have been making headlines in the NFL, though neither of the kind that should really make SEC partisans proud.

Let's go ahead and get Jones out of the way, since he's in the least nuanced situation. The Jaguars, as you might expect, have finally cut ties with the troubled playmaker out of Arkansas who moved from QB to WR in his trip to the pros. 

Cutler is a little more problematic. He's sitting out of "voluntary" offseason activities and asking for a trade from the Broncos because, um, he didn't want to be traded. This is life in the NFL.

This all comes back to the SEC because of speculation that Cutler could head to the Detroit Lions -- leaving Matthew Stafford locked out of the No. 1 spot. Which might not be all that bad for Stafford, when you think about it. (HT: Vanderbilt Sports Line)

We have nothing to fear but ... our newest recruit? Please select which of the following headlines you would least like to read on your team's SBN blog about the latest commitment.

(a) [He] Saved a Thousand Kittens
(b) We Should Not Fear [him]
(c) Military Service Was Good for [him]
(d) After Signing, [he] Says Prison Ministry Will Go On

If your answer was (b) -- well, I hope you're not a Tennessee fan.

Even if Butler is up to something shady (in my opinon, I do not think he is), it is extremely unlikely that UT has done anything wrong. Coach O identified Bryce Brown's champion, and that champion is his parents. Bryce was allowed to make his own decision, but everyone wants their parents' blessing.

I will just point out that none of the "official" authors of Rocky Top Talk wrote that, and then I will move on.

Roll Bama Roll delights in LSU Freek's depiction.

Tony Barnhart is back. He says: Kiffin knows what he's doing (o-o-okay), Alabama is in trouble, Florida State will prevail, be careful with Bryce Brown and the case of Andre Smith is sad.

The last one, at least, no one can argue with. (HT: Blutarsky)

And another one's gone. Signee Dexter Moody is out at Georgia, with Florida among his possible destinations. If he told the AJC the truth, the guy probably deserves another chance.

Our newest member. C&F is especially pleased to welcome one of the best Ole Miss bloggers out there, Red Cup Rebellion, to the SB Nation family. Some of you might now the Rebellion from its previous headquarters at, in their words, Red [BRAND REDACTED] Cup.

This could get interesting.