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Sprints // 02.26.09

Darrin Horn shows Steve Spurrier how it's done. South Carolina seized the lead in the SEC East by disemboweling Kentucky on Wednesday night, 77-59. The score, to resort to cliche, is deceptively close, as South Carolina players used the end of the game to try to pad the highlight reel instead of pour it on.

Fans of South Carolina's up-and-coming team were giddy.

Coach Horn had a perfect game plan and we executed admirably. UK, on the other hand, looked lost for most of the night. ... UK has played well at times this year, but tonight was a serious mark against their standing on the national stage.

Kentucky fans -- well, no one was blaming Tru for not offering much in the way of an immediate post-mortem at A Sea of Blue.

The sun will rise tomorrow, and perhaps, with some sleep, I'll have something more valuable than invective to offer. I'd like to offer some words of encouragement, but I think they would ring a bit hollow after the way things went tonight.

Of course, there are still three games to be played, and South Carolina could follow in the footsteps of its football program and find some way to screw things up. But for now, the Gamecocks stand atop the SEC East and everyone else is playing catchup.

"COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE LOSS." That was the verdict from Vanderbilt Sports Line after the Commodores lost to Georgia, which was making a strong case for being the worst basketball team in the history of the SEC before recently defeating Florida and, now, Vandy.

I'm tired of making excuses for this team and chalking up poor performances to youth, inexperience, or whatever else we've written in this space. Tonight was an important game for this young team to show they could finish strong and put themselves in a position to earn a spot in the post season. Instead, they blow a must-win game by losing to a 1-11 Georgia team.

Don't worry, Vandy fans! Football practice begins soon! (And now with new coaches. Or old coaches in new positions, anyway.)

Play ball! The SEC went 8-0 in baseball Wednesday, including another win by Ole Miss. Maybe that whole "turnaround season" will happen after all. No real stunners in the results, though Georgia continues to destroy the ERAs of anyone daring enough to pitch to them.

Offensive questions? Nah. Just competition. The quarteback competition is open. I could tell you how open, but that might require quoting from an AP article, which would probably get me sued by those intrepid defenders of the First Amendment. Oh, and the fact that what Gen. Gene Chizik about the MahzahnSpread oddly mirrors what Tommy Tuberville said about the FranklinSpread? Nothing to see here, Joe Cribbs Car Wash assures Auburn fans. Please move along.

One down, 384 to go. Ole Miss begins trimming its roster to accommodate a recruiting class the size of the 82nd Airborne Division. I mean, Houston Nutt boldly removed players for violating of team rules. Yeah, yeah, that's it.