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Sprints // 02.24.09

Spurrier still not retiring, still looking at that "option" thing. Keep in mind that coaches tell recruits what coaches want recruits to hear. Keep in mind also that what a coach thinks at the beginning of his fifth season might be completely different than what he thinks at the end of his fifth season if, by then, he's never really been in competition for an SEC title into late November.

That said, Steve Spurrier has told a recruit he's not looking to retire anytime soon.

Flowery Branch quarterback Connor Shaw spent around 30 minutes with Spurrier during South Carolina's Junior Day on Saturday. One of the first things they talked about was Spurrier's future with the Gamecocks.

"I always hear these rumors, just like everybody else, that Coach Spurrier is going to retire in two years, so I asked him about it," Shaw said. "He [Spurrier] told me  'I'm definitely staying until we accomplish more things at South Carolina ... [and] I'm nowhere near retiring.'" ...

"South Carolina is bringing in a little more of shotgun offense with a zone read, and [Spurrier] said that I would pretty much be a perfect fit for that system. He said that I was the guy they wanted, and that was pretty cool hearing that from ... one of college football's greatest coaches." [HT: Leftover Hot Dog]

Spurrier gets a bit more credibility from C&F here than other coaches because (a) he's at South Carolina (just being honest) and (b) C&F has always seen Spurrier's problem as being too honest and not engaging in the bland, disingenuous coachspeak that's expected of him.

But this is not the first time the Ol' Ball Coach has said he intends to stay around Columbia for a while. His normal time frame is "four, five years," with a quick note that he only thinks four or five years ahead.

As far as working in more option-style plays like a zone read -- well, Spurrier's said that before, and his non-retirement predictions turned out to be far more reliable. One of Spurrier's biggest problems with Stephen Garcia last year? That the signal-caller was far too willing to take off and run.

Andre Smith needs a bailout. According to CNBC, Andre Smith might have lost as much as $23.8 million with his erratic behavior at the NFL combine. (HT: Roll Bama Roll) That's right; $23.8 million, or about the size of some defense contracts.

What is it about Shulas? If you are a descendant of Don Shula, you have a job. The latest example? New Illinois State assistant Dan Shula, son of David Shula (former Cincinnati coach), brother of Mike Shula (former Alabama head coach, now coaching elsewhere). Hey, Coach Spurrier -- did I ever tell you my name was Brandon Shula. Yeah, that's it ...

Not giving them any noticeable increase in traffic, I'm sure. But if you somehow missed the Oscars EDSBS-style, you really should check it out.