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Sprints // 02.20.09

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Disappointment. Disappoinment. Oh, the disappointment. Apparently, the economy isn't the only thing getting to SEC blogger these days. Bitterness and disappointment reign, particularly when it comes to basketball.

Florida bloggers, for instance.

Jo Noah is not walking through that door, fans. Al Horford is not walking through that door. Corey Brewer is not walking through that door. And if you expect them to walk through that door, they're not going to have any eligibility left. ... Billy Donovan's] channeling of Rick Pitino in Boston (which I parodied at the top) I think is a defensive move to protect a team that is now 20-6, but doesn't play like it.

Or, say, Arkansas bloggers.

I remarked recently that if you had told me in April 1994 how the Razorback basketball program would perform over the next 15 years, I would have been very, very surprised.

In the giddy aftermath of the team's first and only national championship, I thought the Hogs had firmly established themselves among the elite programs and were ready for a sustained run of seriously competing for more NCAA Tournament trophies. I suspect many of you felt the same way.

As we all know, that's not quite how things turned out. Instead of sustained excellence, it's been sustained mediocrity (and sometimes worse).

Apparently, judging from the picture accompanying the post, the problem has something to do with the Razorbacks' floor. Or maybe that's the problem -- they think the problem is the floor. Again, C&F is not so good with the roundball.

But bloggers aren't the only ones disappointed in their teams, and the discontent isn't confined to basketball. Of course, sometimes you can blame the economy.

Amid a raging recession, and in the aftermath of a disappointing three-loss season, Georgia football fans are contributing about 11 percent less money than last year for the right to buy season tickets.

Contributions tied to football tickets hit a record $26.3 million last year, fueled by sky-high expectations for the 2008 team. But contributions appear destined to fall to about $23.5 million this year, roughly the same as in 2007, associate athletics director for external operations Alan Thomas said.

C'mon, Georgia fans. Think of all the Honduran children who will be crushed to find out Mark Richt is having a tough time with his fans.

Somebody else finally said it. A clarion call for detente and maybe even common cause between bloggers and beat writers over at Joe Cribbs Car Wash. Fans and bloggers who think the death of the dreaded "mainstream media" is reason to celebrate should rethink things.

Meanwhile, as long as the likes of Rivals, Scout and AUUndercover remain paysites, doing the JCCW properly requires me to link up their work almost that many times every single day. Without those guys, the JCCW doesn't have any news to report, no breaking stories to react to, no quotes to parse. ... Beat writers, in my view, are an essential set of cogs in this great big machine we call Being an Auburn Fan.

I would quote the entire article, and then put my name on it, but that would be plagiarism. So go read the whole thing.

History -- and Mel Kiper -- say you will fail. Matthew Stafford is not afraid of being a Detroit Lion. Which means he has psychological issues. The number of first-round draft picks -- any round draft picks, really -- that have headed to Motown with dreams of turning around the beleaguered franchise now numbers in the hundreds. So, good luck with that, Mr. Stafford.

LOL. It's the offseason for football, so that means parodies abound. Hey Jenny Slater has a pitch-perfect look at the next Georgia win against South Carolina. At least we'll have someone to blame. (And, really, does Penn Wagers need any help to get a call wrong?)

Meanwhile, Rocky Top Talk holds a casting call for movies about SEC coaches. Actually, C&F's choice for Les Miles would be Jack Nicholson, but the Urban Meyer and Rich Brooks picks are inspired.

Reason No. 3,728 why Congress should leave college football alone. Rep. Neil Abercrombie is obviously unfamiliar with the sport he's trying so mightily to change.

The BCS is on a death march.

Rep. Abercrombie should know that the BCS is a zombie that springs back to life every time someone tries to kill it. But it's good to see that the poor, deprived Mountain West teams, who are so devoid of the money that gives the BCS leagues an unfair advantage, have managed to scrimp together enough to hire Washington lobbyists to pursue this. "Screw the state-of-the-art weight room -- let's get Jack Abramoff to make sure we can get into the Fiesta Bowl Regional."