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SEC on SBN ... and Other Sites You Should Be Reading // 02.09.09

At least he didn't say anything about sugar. Alligator Army highlights the less noticed large group of people insulted by Lane Kiffin: the town of Pahokee.

Outside of the south, depressed and rural towns are not filled with five star recruits. Kiffin probably thought Pahokee was no different than Fresno or Bakersfield. But all Pahokee has is football.

While covering some new ground, the post on Pahokee still gets back to the same question about Kiffin: Does he really know what he's doing and with whom he's dealing? Kiffin seems to be that rare combination of unlimited arrogance blended with unlimited ignorance -- not exactly the ideal makeup for a head football coach.

Those players are either doing some sort of ballet or trying out for WWF. In a post accompanied by a picture of players, um, celebrating (I guess), Track Em Tigers says it's probably time for Jeff Lebo to go.

But watching Lebo's teams play you always get the feeling he's one or two recruits away from putting it all together. More times than not, he gives everyone in the SEC a hard fought game. Plus, it's hard not to like the guy. Spend five minutes talking to him and you can't help but pull for him.

Unfortunately, close just doesn't get it. And let's face it, if this was football, he'd have been gone two years ago -- right Tommy? Lebo has had every opportunity to make it work and now time has run out. ...

Then again, Jay Jacobs could just go out and hire Gene Chizik -- but, I digress.

Actually, Gene Chizik could probably do a better job coaching basketball than he does coaching football. But I also digress.

For those thinking Richt might not be on the hot seat after 2009: Schedule. Roll Bama Roll's outsidethesidelines, who actually crunches numbers and analyzes things and such, takes a brief look at Georgia's schedule and sees seven or eight wins.

All I will say is that if there is a tougher schedule in the entire country than this one, I sure as hell don't want to see it. And to make matters even worse, UGA will be walking right into that murderer's row with a green quarterback and no Knowshon Moreno.

You know, the graphic referenced by OTSL probably doesn't need those last two entries. Just saying.

College football's great monopoly must be broken up. At least that would be the effect of California Golden Blogs' plan to reorganize the sport.

The SEC would end up as part of no fewer than four conferences: the Plains Conference (Arkansas), the Mid-Atlantic Conference (Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky), the South Coast Conference (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida) and the Deep South Conference (LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn).

I'll have more thoughts on this at some point -- including my own realignment -- but it's food for thought. Needless to say, covering four conferences would be much harder for your humble correspondence than covering one.

They also asked Gary Barnett to teach an ethics course. Dr. Saturday points out that some Vols recruits took part in a fake press conference led by ... Lane Kiffin, that master of the media.

Somewhere, deep in the bowels of Neyland Stadium, there is video evidence of Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron pretending to be reporters for the benefit of a handful of Tennessee recruits, and really -- for Coach O especially, preferably in one those old school fedoras with the press pass in the brim -- this is one of the moments YouTube was invented for, isn't it?

Well, that and videos of attempts to cook popcorn with cell phones.

Yes, but is the four-leaf clover accounted for? Vanderbilt Sports Line sees the Dores maybe doing a bit better than Chris Low's prediction.

He ranks the Commies at 10. I think this is only a spot or two lower than I would have the Dores. Sure we have a new QB coming in but we did pretty good with little to no production from that position this year.

Or any other offensive position, really.

Actually, some of Low's reasons for some of his choices -- like No. 6 Arkansas -- are a bit thin.

There's just something about that second year when a new coach takes over a program. Look what Urban Meyer did at Florida in his second year, and look what Nick Saban did in his second year at Alabama.

Or what Sylvester Croom did at Mississippi State. I mean ...