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Is this the Future of SI?

Right now in the tech world, the hot thing seems to be tablet computing. This ranges from e-readers like the Kindle or Nook, to Internet appliances like the Crunchpad/JooJoo, to the long-rumored, never seen, yet fully functional iPad from Apple (which supposedly has been scrapped and restarted several times because, in the alleged words of Steve Jobs, the only thing it's good for is browsing the Internet while sitting on the toilet).

With the theorized tablet revolution coming, publishers are beginning to prepare content for the format. Witness what Sports Illustrated is showing off as the potential future of the magazine format:

It certainly looks interesting to me, and it has all of the requisite eye candy effects and iPhone-like finger gestures. I'm not sure that I would choose this over browsing sports web sites, but then I don't subscribe to any magazines as it is.

So what do you think? Is this a compelling new way to read your sports? Would this keep you subscribing to SI (or your mag of choice) if/when the dead tree format goes away?