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Sprints Is Happy With the Job It Has Right Now // 12.08.09

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Red Cup Rebellion looks at how the Houston Nutt story got started
They're right about a couple of things. First of all, having followed a story like this (Spurrier to Alabama) through both legitimate news organizations and message boards, I can tell you that the latter are a lot like the piranha display at the zoo during feeding time. Whenever you throw them a scrap, they devour it in seconds and begin saying things like "Picture John Parker Wilson running the Fun 'n' Gun," which no human being should ever picture for any reason.

Also spot on:

I say this because Jimmy Sexton is arguably the most powerfully manipulative coaches agent. He represents not only Houston Nutt, but also Nick Saban, Gene Chizik, Tommy Tuberville, Bill Parcells, Larry Coker, Lane Kiffin, and Steve Spurrier -- amongst many others. He plays athletic directors like drums, knocking money out of them with an astute and ethically debatable swagger.

Sexton has a repuation for sparking interest in his clients amongst various competiting entities in order to earn what I'll call "insurance raises" for his clients.

That's exactly what he appears to have done with Spurrier -- more than once -- and would make sense with Houston Nutt right now.

Nutt's response: Silence
This is odd.

Ole Miss spokesman Langston Rogers tried to contact Nutt, but did not get a response, because Nutt was on a recruiting trip. Nutt did not return phone and text messages from The Commercial Appeal.

Jimmy Sexton, Nutt's Memphis-based agent, said he had not talked to Kansas officials. But Sexton did not know if Nutt had talked to Kansas.

Odd because: Why can't the school get in touch with Nutt and where is his "recruiting trip"?

And, is Sexton lying, or what does it say about RCR's theory if he isn't?

Pete Boone: 'Nothing to it'
Whether this should be a comfort to Ole Miss fans who want Nutt to stay is unclear.

Not that Boone has confirmed that with his head coach
But Shepard Smith has, so it's cool.

Low on how the talks might have taken place
Mostly speculation, but with some interesting points.

Nutt was out recruiting Monday, but somebody close to him said that any discussions about the Kansas job would have come through an intermediary, most likely Kansas basketball coach Bill Self. Nutt and Self are both Oklahoma State alums and have remained close.

Over the years, Nutt's name has been a popular one when jobs come open. He's only been at Ole Miss for two years, but was a player in the Auburn head coaching search last year -- albeit rather quietly -- before the Tigers eventually hired Gene Chizik.

Could Charlie Strong take other Florida assistants with him to Louisville?
Would Florida fans care after Saturday's debacle?

Wilson to LSU
The Tennessee WR coach's move was not exactly a shocker.

New Orleans native Frank Wilson has been hired by Les Miles to replace Larry Porter on the Tigers coaching staff. ...

It’s possible Wilson could start his new job immediately if a change is made with wide receivers coach D.J. McCarthy between now and Monday, when LSU begins bowl prep.

Phone and text messages asking McCarthy if he has been fired were not answered.

I'm sure we shouldn't read anything into that.

Boy Wonder can't be happy with that
Staff members leaving might hurt Tennessee's recruiting, which we all know is the only thing that really matters to Lane Kiffin.


AP All-SEC Team
No major surprises on the media list. The unanimous ones: Mark Ingram, Terrence Cody, Rolando McClain, Eric Norwood and Eric Berry.

Warren Norman is freshman of the year
So the season wasn't a total loss for Vanderbilt.

Crist wants Jacksonville Jaguars to draft Tim Tebow
The governor of Florida on the growing Tebow-to-Jacksonville speculation:

"Should they [draft Tebow]? I've actually talked to the ownership about that. I think it would be great," Crist said.

This being politics and Crist being in a GOP primary for U.S. Senate against former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio ...

Rubio "shares his belief that Tim Tebow has a bright future in the NFL and beyond. Tim Tebow is a superb athlete, a pure leader and an inspiring role model. Any team would be fortunate to have him on the field and any community would benefit from everything he does off the field," the statement reads.

Obviously, my day job keeps me from commenting on this too extensively. I would just note that Crist also said FSU should keep Bobby Bowden.