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Houston Nutt? Kansas?!?

Tell me what I'm missing here.

Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt is interested in the open Kansas job, Arkansas radio station KABZ-FM reported today, and The Star has learned that Nutt is on KU athletic director Lew Perkins' list and that Perkins and Nutt have talked about the job.

Why on earth would Houston Nutt leave a semi-successful rebuilding job at Ole Miss to coach at a basketball school in the Big XII? I mean, aside from things like an undiagnosed mental illness.

I'm not necessarily bashing Kansas. Okay, I am. But the real point is that Kansas is still on the road to consistent relevance, while Nutt appears to have Ole Miss there. Nutt is still just 52, so he would have time to turn the program around if he wanted to give it a try. I'm just trying to fathom the reasons he would want to give it a try after just two years in Oxford. Maybe they don't have open-records laws in Kansas; I'm not sure.

Obviously, we'll have much more on this in Sprints. Kansas ...