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A Real Retirement: Rich Brooks' Final Game -- Clemson 21, Kentucky 13

There's not much to talk about as far as the football here. The score tells most of the story. It was a solid but not spectacular win by Clemson and a game where a few lost opportunities cost Kentucky a chance to win. No one on either side had eye-popping numbers in any single category -- C.J. Spiller had 172 yards of all-purpose offense, but only 67 rushing -- and the only statistic that looks odd is Kentucky's nine-minute advantage in time of possession, an always dubious number made more so by an early effort by the Wildcats to drain the clock. To give you an idea, the quarterbacks from both teams had a combined 251 yards passing.

No, this was a game featuring two evenly-matched teams with one that was slightly better than the other Saturday Sunday night.

The news came after the game, when Kentucky head coach said what some of us already expected based on pregame hints.

Following a 21-13 loss to Clemson on Sunday night in the Music City Bowl, Brooks said he's "80 percent" sure he's not coming back. He plans to think about his next move, talk with his family and make a final decision within the week.

As noted, this is not a shocker; Brooks said before the Music City Bowl that he would discuss his future at the appropriate time. This is not generally something you say if there is a good chance you'll be back the next year.

There will be more time to look at Brooks' legacy if and when he makes that final decision. But Brooks has already said he's not satisfied even with the tremendous progress he's made in Lexington.

Sunday evening was a microcosm of all that -- another indicator that Kentucky has come a long way, but not quite far enough.