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SEC Power Poll Week 13

I don't have the graphics software with me, so let's go straight to the rankings.

1 ALABAMA (10), 185.5
2 FLORIDA (7), 182.5
3 LSU, 157
4 OLE MISS, 129
6 GEORGIA, 108
7 ARKANSAS, 100.5
9 AUBURN, 87.5

*Alabama and Florida first-place vote totals include a ballot that was split.

 The final poll between now and after the postseason gives Alabama a slight edge heading into the SEC Championship Game. LSU reclaims third place from Ole Miss while Arkansas drops from 5th to 7th after the defeat to LSU and Kentucky is down from 6th to 10th after a continuing its non-winning streak against Tennessee. Those are the major moves.



The Tide took their rival's best shot but still managed to escape with a win. That's more than many other favorites can say after their rivalry games.--Garnet And Black Attack

A narrow escape from the Plainsmen.  Is the bloom off the Alabama rose?--A Sea of Blue

The challenger always has a puncher's chance.--Alligator Army


I'm sure they looked impressive while gutting the ‘Noles in their spiffy throwback uniforms, but I was too busy throwing up from ESPN's saccharine Tim Tebow adulation to notice.--Dawg Sports

Tebow seems to be back to his old ways...--Leftover Hot Dog

Handled the Seminoles with ease.  The Gators may be hitting their stride, and that bodes ill for the Tide.--A Sea of Blue


I heard that the Bayou Bengals' assistant coaches are going to keep Les Miles's children on the sidelines next season, so that they can incite the kids to misbehave in front of the head coach in crucial clock management situations and thereby persuade the Mad Hatter to call for a time out. Losing to the other powerhouses yet sneaking by the jumble of mediocrity at the gooey center of the SEC landed Louisiana State in the No. 3 spot.--Dawg Sports

Les Miles proves that he has, after all, coached in late game situations before the temporary insanity of last week.--A Sea of Blue

One clock meltdown vs. Ole Miss from 10-2. A handful of plays vs. Miss. St., Georgia, and now the Hogs from 6-6.--War Blog Eagle


Rebel fans, you're already strapped in to the roller coaster. Might as well enjoy the ride.--Arkansas Expats

Hard to believe they made Chris Relf into an offensive dynamo.--Get the Picture

One loss to MSU doesn't define the Rebs. At 8-4 they're still in the upper echelon of the SEC, despite their disappointing year.--Over the Pylon


It's hard to say whether the Vols or Auburn had the better moral victory against Alabama.--Get the Picture

Went up against a hot Kentucky team and made the big stops when they needed them despite being one or two sprained ankles away from grabbing random fans out of the stands to play defense.--Hey Jenny Slater

First five games: 2-3. Last five games: 4-1. Finishing strong is a sign of maturity.--Alligator Army


The only SEC team outside of Florida and Alabama with a win over a top ten team this year is also the only SEC team to lose to Tennessee by more than 20 points.  The Dawgs define middle of the pack.--Get the Picture

Just remember: UT got burned for trying to find a quick fix to a departing coordinator. UGA: Take your time. Keep Willie around a year while you REALLY make sure you get the right guy.--Rocky Top Talk

I'm sorry but the best rushing team in the ACC, Coastal Champs Georgia Tech, barely break 200 yards against the Dawgs.  Most teams get that by halftime on a Willie Martinez defense.--Orange and Blue Hue


The only team in the conference that failed to win a road game this year.--Get the Picture

Hey Bobby, wanna win some more games?  I can't believe you lose so many close games despite having the worst special teams in the league.  Do you think that's a coincidence?--Orange and Blue Hue

As much as I hate Petrino, he's done a great job this season with the Razorbacks. Coach of the Year, in my mind.--Over the Pylon


The Gamecocks actually managed to stop the bleeding on their typical late season swoon with a resounding victory over rival Clemson.--Garnet And Black Attack

Next year is your year. I can FEEL it.--Rocky Top Talk

Full marks for beating up on Clemson, but three home wins over Ole Miss, Vandy, and Kentucky by a combined 12 points is the weakest in-conference resume by any team in the league other than Vandy.--War Blog Eagle


Repeat after me:  spread offenses struggle more against 3-4s than 4-3s.--Rocky Top Talk

If the Auburn that showed on Saturday had shown up all year, the Tigers would be far better than 7-5.--Over the Pylon

As much as I enjoyed Auburn giving Alabama a heart attack, you knew Bama would win. I half expected Mike Slive to run out on the field and award Bama a fifth down if they didn't score late.--Alligator Army


The 'Cats tried hard, but as has usually been the case in their series with the Vols, it wasn't quite enough.--Garnet And Black Attack

Had a chance to break a quarter-century losing streak, but Lucy yanked the football away yet again. And the way Lane Kiffin is running things, the 'Cats may not have another chance for quite a while.--Hey Jenny Slater

Once again, UK finds a way to stay in a game to the very end where they were completely outplayed. Tennessee dominated line play, and wound up with a deserved win.--A Sea of Blue


Peaked too late. Had a pretty tough non-conference schedule or they would be the 11th bowl eligible team from the SEC.--Hog Database

Getting three conference wins out of this bunch? Wow. You can make a solid argument that Dan Mullen is the SEC Coach of the Year.--Get the Picture

Great-yet another team to worry about in the SEC West. With the Big 12 South's demise, this is the toughest division in the game by a mile and a half.--War Blog Eagle


Even when they don't play, the Commodores fall farther behind the rest of the conference. No other SEC team finished within three losses of Vandy.--Get the Picture

Had their best performance of the season this past weekend.--Hey Jenny Slater

Too busy acing finals to care.--Rocky Top Talk