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Sprints Also Offered Vic Koenning Its Defensive Coordinator Job // 12.18.09

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Joe Schad's Twitter says Georgia comes up short on another defensive coordinator choice
Vic Koenning is going to stay at Illinois. We think. Or at least he thinks, subject to the next time he changes his mind.

If not, it would make one whale of a press conference
Kind of like a wedding where the bride doesn't show up.

Hale about Koenning
A look at some of the maneuvering that preceded the apparent rejection of Georgia's offer.


Complimenting what?
Boy Wonder talks about the NCAA inquiry during pre-bowl festivities in Atlanta.

The coaches traded compliments before Kiffin drew a laugh when asked by a fan what has been the biggest challenge of his first year as the Vols' coach.

Said a smiling Kiffin: "Following all the rules." ...

Tennessee has been found guilty of six secondary rules violations in Kiffin's first year, leading some to suggest rival schools are reporting the violations. Kiffin on Thursday tried to clarify his recent comment that he views such acts from other schools as a compliment.

Kiffin said he believes his staff is "operating at such a high level in what we're doing in recruiting ... I said I take that as a compliment if people are coming after us, OK?

"I took it as a compliment because I think people come after you when you're on top."

One wonders if he's actually oblivious to the fact that Tennessee is not on top. Being second in the SEC East through a tiebreaker when all your competition is 7-5 overall is not precisely an accomplishment.

Kippy Brown tabbed as WR coach for Tennessee

Six of our nine coaches have now come here from NFL teams.

Lane, given the success of NFL coaches in the college ranks, you might want to keep that to yourself.

Happy Birthday!
Lane Kiffin dismisses DB Brent Vinson on his birthday. It couldn't wait one day?

Les Miles sees no advantage in ESS EEE SEE SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!
He thinks Penn State is a pretty good team.

They’re physical, they have good team speed, they a 1,000-yard back and a defense that runs to the ball. In my opinion, they’d fare well in any conference.

You can take the coach out of the Big Ten ...

Auburn, Evanston officials make lamest sports bet ever

Cagematch: Bob Knight vs. John Calipari

"We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching," he said. "You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that."

Well, if you listen to UK and Memphis fans, the Tigers never ever really did anything that bad at all. In fairness, Cal's alleged involvement in the wrongdoing has been peripheral at worst.

I though playoffs were supposed to bring some variety to things
That's hard to argue when the same two teams will play each other for the fifth consecutive year in the Division III championship.