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Sprints Didn't Place Anyone on the AP All-American Team // 12.16.09

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AP announces its All-American Team
Alabama has six members of the first team -- RB Mark Ingram, G Michael Johnson, K Leigh Tiffin, DT Terrence Cody, LB Rolando McClain and CB Javier Arenas. That's a record; no word on whether Alabama will claim that as another national championship.

Florida placed TE Aaron Hernandez and CB Joe Haden on the first team. Other SEC names: South Carolina LB Eric Norwood, Tennessee S Eric Berry and Georgia P Drew Bulter.

Georgia fans will probably disagree with me on place-kicking, at least, but I don't see any really obvious omissions there.

Ingram was most-watched Heisman winner ever
This is impressive considering the paucity of cable television in Alabama outside of Huntsville. (I kid.)

And your idea would improve that -- how exactly?
Charles Barkley still wants Turner Gill to coach Auburn.

"Look at the other coaches in the SEC," Barkley said. "Nick Saban. Urban Meyer. Les Miles. Steve Spurrier. Houston Nutt. Mark Richt. Those names pop in your mind before Gene Chizik.

"Let’s not kid ourselves. As far as name recognition, Auburn is at a decided disadvantage. Not just in the state. In the SEC."

And Turner Gill would have fixed that? I think Gill would have done a fine job at Auburn, maybe just as good as or better than Chizik. But his name ID wasn't exactly going through the roof before last year, and part of that came from being considered for the Auburn job. He was the head coach at Buffalo, for crying out loud. Sir Charles added later that "if the article insinuates in any way that I don't think Chizik did a good job, it's B.S."

Independence Bowl is sold out
Because Georgia has bought all its tickets. The university, not the fan base.

It's official
Youngstown State tabs South Carolina offensive line coach Eric Wolford and has an interesting take on his resume.

Wolford has a tremendous background working with some of the most reputable names in college football. As an assistant, he has coached for Steve Spurrier (South Carolina), Ron Zook (Illinois), Mike Stoops (Arizona), Darrell Dickey (North Texas), Dana Dimel (Houston), Jim Leavitt (South Florida) and Bill Snyder (Kansas State).

Ron Zook and Dana Dimel! How did Youngstown State get so lucky?

I'm guessing he didn't provide a recommendation
Steve Spurrier doesn't sound very happy about Wolford's decision -- and we all know that hiding his feelings isn't what you would call one of the Head Ball Coach's strengths.

"If it's a good decision, time will tell. I didn't think it was the right decision for him right now," Spurrier said. "But we all have choices to make, and that's what he wanted to do. He wanted to go back to his hometown and be a head coach." ...

Spurrier said he had a stack of applicants interested in becoming the Gamecocks' third line coach in as many years. ...

Spurrier downplayed the effect Wolford's departure would have on recruiting.

"I hope it doesn't hurt at all," he said. "We lost our last three games last year and it didn't hurt us."


If the Gamecocks ever find an offense with Spurrier at the helm, it will be interesting if they try to get Youngstown State for a guarantee game. Not that he would ever run up the score or anything.

Why Billy Gonzales left Florida
It wasn't because he knew about the party that led to Carlos Dunlap sitting asleep in his car at a green light.

"That's absolutely not true," Meyer said. "In fact, that's the first I've heard of that one. Billy left because he was passed up last year for the offensive coordinator's job (which went to Steve Addazio). It was about the title."

That confirms what we thought all along. That said, there are plenty of Florida fans who are ready to leave the team because Steve Addazio was named coordinator. (HT: EDSBS)

Tim Tebow is not impressed by your nickname for him
You know, Tearbow.

"Never heard of it before,'' he said. "Is that what they're saying? Well, good for them.''

He'll remember your criticism next year when he's making millions of dollars as a quarterback or an H-back.

Independence Bowl is sold out
Because Georgia has bought all its tickets. The university, not the fan base.

Next year's schedule in for more shuffling
In part to help Alabama lower the number of games it will play against teams coming off of a bye week, because the Tide clearly needs the help to have a fair shot.

If it's like the baseball Veterans Committee, he's doomed
Erk Russell's nomination for the College Football Hall of Fame goes to the Veterans Committee. This group is hopefully more receptive than the baseball version, which essentially has decided that no one outside of its own membership should ever enter the hall unless they're dead and no one remembers them anyway.

NCAA considering new concussion rules

Is the Mountain West on course to becoming part of the BCS?
It's looking good. Others have pointed out that even if the MWC is a bit short at the end of the four-year cycle, it could always add Boise State with a view of getting an auto-bid for the league and giving the Broncos a better chance of getting in.

It's Pittsburgh
I agree with Brian that if anything comes of the Big Ten's soul-searching about whether it should add a twelfth member -- will they then at least call themselves the Big Eleven? -- the newest team in the conference will be Pitt. It's a fit academically, culturally and geographically. The other prominently mentioned candidate -- Missouri -- would face enormous pressure from the Big XII not to leave because that would force them to go find a new member to keep their championship game, not to mention the fact that despite what the Big Ten faithful might think, the move wouldn't really benefit Mizzou at all.

But don't tell that to these guys
They seem very passionate about the idea.