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Tennessee Hires Tiger Woods

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (TSK) -- The University of Tennessee has hired Tigers Woods to serve as recruiting co-coordinator, head coach Lane Kiffin announced Friday.

"We felt like we really needed someone else to help Ed [Orgeron], but it had to be someone who understood our methods and what we were trying to do here," Kiffin said. "This is a perfect fit."

Woods told reporters he knew the job was the right one for him when he saw stories about the NCAA's inquiry into the Vols recruiting methods.

"Besides," he said, "I'm going to need some extra income with all the endorsement deals I'm losing."

Among his priorities, Woods said, would be a major expansions of the membership of Orange Pride.

"It's got, what, a few dozen members?" he said. "Please. I date that many women in a week."

Kiffin said he was not concerned that Woods' golfing would interfere with his ability to help Tennessee recruit. "The guy's showed an amazing ability to juggle several reposibilities at the same time," he said.

Woods said he would hit the road recruiting as soon as he gets his car back from the shop.