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Final SEC Power Poll for Week 13


The TSK Ballot:

1 Alabama Crimson Tide
1 Florida Gators
3 LSU Tigers
4 Georgia Bulldogs
5 Tennessee Volunteers
Auburn Tigers
Arkansas Razorbacks
8 Mississippi Rebels
9 South Carolina Gamecocks
10 Kentucky Wildcats
11 Mississippi St. Bulldogs
Vanderbilt Commodores

C&F's ballot:

1. Alabama
As long as you win your rivalry game, I'm going to give you some credit.

2. Florida
Even if it's against one of the weakest BCS teams to ever go to a bowl game.

3. LSU
I'm still having trouble figuring this team out, and the regular season is over.

4. Tennessee
A nice first season for Lane Kiffin. But the second one might actually take a better coaching job for the same results.

5. Georgia
One week does not make up for the rest of the season.

6. Arkansas
Every week is the same: An offense that can win any game and a defense that can lose any game.

7. Auburn
Close doesn't count.

8. South Carolina
See Georgia

9. Ole Miss
The Rebels are who Dan Mullen thought they were.

10. Kentucky
I'm not yet ready to say the Georgia victory was a fluke, but it's clear that this team might not be quite as good as we thought last week.

11. Mississippi State
Nice win in the only bowl they're going to play this year, and one that gives them hope of playing in an actual postseason game next season.

12. Vanderbilt
Do Dores fans even realize that the rest of us are still playing football?