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Half the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Florida

There's a much wider gap between 6-6 Florida State and 7-5 Auburn than a single game, but of the top two, one team came prepared and one didn't. The one that did gets to move up.

2. Alabama

Greg McElroy is the key this weekend. Tennessee and FSU each showed what happens when you try to beat the Gators solely by rushing.

3. LSU

Ultimately a flawed team, but they didn't lose to anyone they had no business losing to. Not many teams can say that this year.

4. Georgia

Bringing home the SEC's best non-conference win counts for a lot in a power polling context.

5. Ole Miss

They picked a bad time to face plant completely, but they'll get a Cotton Bowl bid anyway.

6. Auburn

Stared down the Tide and came the closest of anyone to beating them. That counts for something.

7. Arkansas

They just couldn't find the magic again against LSU, but they came awfully close. If Ryan Mallett stays, they'll be a hot team for next year.

8. Tennessee

Beating Kentucky in overtime isn't that exciting, but a win's a win.

9. South Carolina

A win over Clemson is a heck of a consolation prize for these guys.

10. Kentucky

Since 2006, Tennessee is 31-20. Over that same span, Kentucky is 30-21. If the 'Cats can't pull through with parity roughly achieved between them, when are they ever going to beat the Vols?

11. Mississippi State

They should be bowling next year.

12. Vanderbilt

Hey, they beat Arizona out in Maui.