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Sprints is Consumed With Off-Field Issues // 12.1.09

This is not how you kick off SEC Championship week.

Florida's star defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested early this morning for DUI. Thank goodness it wasn't because he was endangering other people with reckless driving at the time. Instead, he was apparently mesmerized by a traffic light as he sat through several cycles without moving. Drunk driving is no laughing matter, and this ought to earn Dunlap a suspension for Saturday's game. No word yet on discipline as the incident is still fresh.

Ingram is fine, though.

Mark Ingram is feeling "great" for the SEC Championship Game after sustaining a hip pointer against Auburn.

A Dawg DE found the police blotter too.

Georgia had its own defensive end arrested, as freshman Montez Robinson was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. The police showed up because of call regarding glass breaking at a parking deck, but Robinson is not under suspicion of breaking the tail lights on a couple of cars. He's likely to get suspended for the bowl game.

LSU is looking into itself.

LSU's compliance staff has informed the SEC that it's looking into rather vaguely termed "possible NCAA violations involving an assistant football coach and a member of the team that has not played this season." Obviously it's far to early to speculate on what might come of this since we don't even know what LSU is looking into. The school is citing privacy laws in keeping the matter secret, but Herb Vincent, the school's associate vice chancellor for university relations, reminded everyone that no wins will be vacated since the player in question hasn't played.

Mark Richt hates Powerade baths.

I don't know if it's because he's always Captain Grumpy about these things or if it was because the guys did it to him with a couple minutes left to go in a close game.

An annual public service announcement.

As always, the SEC wants you to beware counterfeit tickets to the championship game. If you got your ducat from a sketchy source or at least don't want an unpleasant surprise at the gate, there will be a "Ticket Validation Window" opening at 10:00 AM on Saturday at the Georgia Dome where you can get confirmation on whether your ticket is legit.

Say Goodnight, Bobby.

It's news for the whole college football world when someone like Bobby Bowden hangs it up for good as he's expected to today. He also has crossed paths with the SEC a few times though. Bowden still professes love for Alabama to this day, one of his sons was head coach at Auburn, a former assistant of his is head coach at Georgia, and while at FSU he played every current SEC member school except Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt at least once.

Not sure about this one.

Stewart Mandel is calling the Notre Dame head coaching job a "death trap." That's far to inelegant for me. I like to think of it as the Michigan J. Frog of college football. Taking it seems like a good idea at the time, but you inevitably find yourself exasperated at the end of your wits by the time you're finally rid of it. Now if only someone can Photoshop me a picture of Charlie Weis with a top hat and cane.