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Topics for Discussion // 11.07.09

Bowl decisions. We're picking a different set of games this time around. Choose for the Game Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl, the Liberty Bowl and the Music City Bowl. The former Peach Bowl (I will not use the sponsor's name because of the stunning corporate greed shown by taking the rightful name off of it) gets the fourth non-BCS pick after which the Liberty and Music City choose the next two teams "not in any specific order, but in consultation with the SEC Office." Let's assume for the sake of argument that Alabama and Florida take the spots in the BCS National Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl and LSU goes to the Capital One Bowl. You can decide who goes to the Outback and Cotton bowls, because I don't think there are any safe assumptions at this point once you get beyond LSU.

Least likely to go to a bowl game. The teams that have yet to clinch eligibility are Tennessee, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas and Georgia. You can't say Vanderbilt because they're already locked out of the postseason. Is it possible we could have a scenario like 2006, where the SEC had a bowl eligible team that didn't go? (That was before the league had eight picks outside of the BCS.)

One more time: Now do you believe in Jonathan Crompton? He's now completed 59 percent of his passes for 21 TDs and 10 INTs. Suddenly, the Vols have a decent chance at eight wins and are now the favorites for second place in the SEC East.

How many games will each of the following teams win during the stretch run? South Carolina (two left: Florida, bye, Clemson), Georgia (three left: Auburn, Kentucky, at Georgia Tech) or Ole Miss (three left: Tennessee, LSU, at Mississippi State).

Early favorite for the SEC Championship Game. Since we now know for a fact whom the contestants will be, give us your current pick to win the game.