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Sprints Thinks Everyone Should Stop Their Yapping // 11.06.09

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Meyer likely to be fined for comment on Williams
I agree that Urban Meyer's comments about the Nick Williams hit on Tim Tebow were relatively mild, but they weren't entirely innocent. By tacking on the "It's right in front of the referee," Meyer took a direct shot at the officials. It's still not the best test case for Mike Slive's new policy.

Williams thinks the no-call was right
Surprising, I know. Mark Richt, meanwhile, agrees with Urban Meyer.

No draft hit for eye-gouging
It appears that Brandon Spikes is still a candidate for first-round draft pick.

"Half the defensive coordinators in the NFL are going to like it," Coyle said. "They just think he's a tough, nasty, athletic kid."

They would love LeGarrette Blount. He goes after the fans, too. (Note to Florida fans:  That means I think that what Blount did is much worse than what Spikes did, not equivalent.)

Pot, meet kettle
This is rich. Tennessee players are upset about a joke Tommy West made about Boy Wonder. Montario Hardesty:

For us, I think the main thing was it was somebody taking a shot at somebody in our family -- the head man in our family.

That might be credible if your "head man" hadn't been out there yapping at everybody else during his time on the job. But I'm sure West will be happy to see Memphis' colors and logos on the walls of the Knoxville locker room where all those recruits will see them. It wasn't even a very good joke.

This puzzles me
I still don't know why you wouldn't have Eric Berry playing deep more often. The tackles are certainly nice, but they don't tend to change games the way a pick can.

Reasons for Culliver benching clearer
Walking out of practice tends to make one a likely candidate to not play the following Saturday.

Overreacting a touch?
Gattis is preparing Richt's obituary and the search for his successor, which might be a bit premature for a coach whose team is still at .500 and has a decent shot at a bowl game. Remember: When Phil Fulmer and Tommy Tuberville were shown the door last year, they had a losing record or were on their way there.

Spurrier suggests he'll retire in three years
If the Gamecocks don't win the SEC.

"Our plan is within the next three years, we've got a team that can compete for the SEC championship. That's our plan," Spurrier said on his call-in show. "If we can't do it within three years, they probably need to hire another head coach here and let him start his plan."

So if Tommy Tuberville's still looking for a job come late 2012, it looks like there will be an opening. (HT: LOHD)

It's their fault
The SEC and XOS Technologies wouldn't have to crack down on YouTube if the video site they set up was user-friendly, had isolated video of a large number of key plays and allowed embeddable video. I've been to the site and none of that appears to be true. Fix your own site by providing the same services with higher quality, legitimate video and fans will use that.

Final insanity coaches' ballots will be revealed
This was hard?