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Spikes Will Miss Entire Game

Is everybody quite happy now? Probably not.

Brandon Spikes, the Florida linebacker who "allegedly" tried to eye-gouge an opponent in Saturday's game against Georgia, will miss the entire Vanderbilt game. Some had criticized Florida for deciding to have Spikes miss just the first half against the Commodores, though the decision is likely to anger some Gator fans who thought the original punishment was either strong enough or too strong.

"I really don't want to be a distraction to the team," Spikes said. "I want the guys to prepare without any negative things going on and I feel like if I would play it would be a big thing going on. I'm just trying to stay out of the way and just motivate the guys. I'm pretty sure that [linebacker Ryan] Stamper got my back and my teammates really support this decision."

Say what you want about what Spikes did in the game, this is a classy thing to do. We all know that Florida will almost certainly defeat Vanderbilt with or without Spikes, so he's deciding to remove himself as a distraction in the process. Good for him.

The question is whether this will end the brouhaha or just draw out Florida fans who think this has gone too far.