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Other Half the BlogPoll Ballot

I'm still catching up from having spent a lot of time with family over the past week and having been in the house for Florida's Senior Day, so go easy on me if I screw something up (probability: 75%).

Top 25 here; comments after the jump.

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. TCU
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Boise State
  7. Oregon
  8. Ohio State
  9. Iowa
  10. Georgia Tech
  11. Virginia Tech
  12. Penn State
  13. Miami (FL)
  14. Oregon State
  15. Pittsburgh
  16. USC
  17. Cal
  18. LSU
  19. Nebraska
  20. Stanford
  21. Oklahoma State
  22. Clemson
  23. Houston
  24. BYU
  25. Utah

Bama over Florida: One weekend does not a season make, and since this is supposed to look at the whole season, I can't make the switch at the top. Alabama played a tougher schedule, so they stay on top for now.

Penn State behind Virginia Tech: PSU lost to the top two Big Ten teams in the standings and didn't play the fourth place team. They played absolutely no one in the non-conference. VT on the other hand has wins over Miami and Nebraska. Miami's win over GT is better than anything Penn State has done, but the Hurricanes have a mediocre loss to North Carolina. While I think VT's two marquee wins are enough to overcome it, Miami's one is not enough.

Oregon State ahead of USC: This one I'd like feedback on. OSU has no bad losses. The largest margin was by 10 to Cincinnati. They did lose by eight to USC, but USC has had two tremendously bad losses. The Trojans also beat the top 10 team they faced, and OSU's best win is over Cal. Every argument has a counter argument. What do you think?