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Half of the BlogPoll Ballot for Week 13


This was done hastily because I'm getting ready to travel today, so I welcome any suggestions. A few thoughts:

Georgia Tech. It was a rivalry game and they do have 10 wins, so I'm giving them a little credit here.

Oregon State, Stanford and Miami. None of them did anything particularly significant this weekend, but teams ahead of them lost, so they gain ground.

Pittsburgh. West Virginia?

Southern Cal. Again, teams ahead of them lost or did so poorly that there was no better replacement. Please help.

Oklahoma State. I thought about removing them entirely after the loss to Oklahoma. Maybe I should.

LSU. The win against Arkansas was a nice one, but I'm still not sure the Bayou Bengals are as good as their record suggests.

Clemson. South Carolina?

Wisconsin, Northwestern. Because someone has to be No. 24 and No. 25. I'll listen to any suggestions.

North Carolina, Mississippi. No longer here for what should be obvious reasons.