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Georgia's Defense Ain't No Snake Oil

You can pore over all the stats you want to try to define just how big a disappointment the Georgia defense has been this year, but I think this one pretty much covers it. Four of the six SEC teams that UGA has faced have either met or set their highest in-conference point totals of the year against the Bulldogs. Even the 10 points that Vanderbilt, bless their hearts, scored on UGA is tied for the most they've managed in the conference this season.

Only LSU has eclipsed its point total against Georgia more than once in league play, as Arkansas' 41 on the 'Dogs was surpassed only by the 44 they put on Auburn. In recognition of these facts, I asked Dan, my Photoshop wizard of a brother, to put an image together for me. He did not disappoint.


The distinction of "team that most everyone sets their high point total of the year against" is normally one associated with a Hal Mumme-coached sqaud, not the school that once had Erk Russell prowling the sidelines and intimidating opposing offenses simply by scowling at them. Forget ol' Erk; Ray Goff only allowed three opponents to score 40 on him in the same season once (1994), and Georgia has now done that two years in a row.

I know that not all the points scored against Georgia by those teams were offensive points or even fully the defense's fault, but at this point you're splitting hairs. If there was anyone out there left who was still wondering why Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez is getting the brunt of fan dissatisfaction, now you know. Georgia has become the team that others look to when they need an offensive boost.