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Welcome to the SEC, Lane Kiffin

A thought occurred to me yesterday. With the completion of Tennessee's game against South Carolina, Lane Kiffin has now faced all four teams that got some kind of verbal jab from him in the off season. In chronological order, let's see how they went...


It was a 23-13 loss that the Vols were never really in, but they were never more than a couple fortunate plays out of either. It wasn't a win, but it wasn't the harrowing blowout that many predicted was coming.


John Crompton looked like John Elway thanks to finding lots of success throwing the ball on the run. The Vols put together their best game of the season in a 45-19 blowout win.


The Tide was sleepwalking its way to a nondescript 12-3 win when Mark Ingram's late fumble gave Tennessee an opportunity. UT seized it by scoring a touchdown, recovering the following onside kick, and driving down in field goal range. The ending wasn't so happy as the final kick was blocked, the third missed field goal of the day for Big Orange, and Bama escaped 12-10.

South Carolina

Tennessee jumped out to 21-0 lead and never looked back as they cruised to a 31-13 win. Alshon Jeffery did have four catches for 51 yards (a 13.5 yard per catch average), but he did not find the end zone.

In Conclusion

Yes, welcome to the SEC kid, where revenge is a dish served lukewarm with a side of soggy fries.