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Topics for Discussion // 11.28.09

The Game of the Decade is here. Let's start picking the favorite among two teams that relied on defense and effective if unspectacular offense to go undefeated in the regular season. Alabama might have more high-profile wins, but it also has more narrow victories. Florida never has lived up to THE GREATEST TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPORT preseason hype. But one of them will win the biggest SEC Championship Game in the event's history and get a shot at the national title. Whom do you think that winner will be? And why?

Tim Tebow's legacy. Against my co-blogger's sage advice and recognizing the heat of argument generated by that post, let's still acknowledge that a great deal of Tim Tebow's legend has already been written. Talk about that legend without knowing what happens in the SECCG and any potential national title game. In other words, if this past Saturday were to become for some reason the last time any college football had been played, what would the history books say about Tim Tebow? Would he be the greatest player in the history of the game? Top 10?

Is Mark Ingram's Heisman bid over with? I alluded to as much in my Alabama wrap-up, but I didn't anticipate C.J. Spiller having flashbacks to the Tommy Bowden Era. Ingram's competitors are pretty much Toby Gerhart, Colt McCoy and maybe Tim Tebow. There are also some wild cards, like Kellen Moore or Jimmy Clausen. Who would be on your Top 5 ballot if you were a Heisman voter?

Don the colored blazers at least one more time. Pretend for a moment that you are an anonymous bowl and get the first selection of the 7-5 teams: Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee. Who's your choice? There are some fan bases excited about the first year of a new head coach (Auburn, Tennessee); a team that's done better than expected (Kentucky); a program where the rebuilding plan is going as planned (Arkansas); and one mildly disappointing team (South Carolina) and one extremely disappointing squad (Georgia), both coming off surprise wins against in-state ACC rivals headed for that league's title game.

How did your team do? The regular season is sadly over for all SEC teams. So sum up the state of your team this season and where your program stands. Are you surprised either way? Are you demanding resignations?