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The Game of the Decade is Set: Florida 37, Florida State 10

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It had to be Tim Tebow's night, and even with the jump pass for a touchdown broken up and his last significant play being a rush into the end zone, it was. Tebow will have a tough time winning the Heisman this season, but Saturday's performance was worthy of a candidate: 17-of-21 for 221 yards and 3 TDs passing, 15 carries for 90 yards and 2 TDs rushing -- not to mention the big win over the hated Florida State Seminoles.

All that to clinch the second undefeated regular season in Florida history (unless you count the 5-0-1 season in 1911 along with the 11-0 mark in 1995). Again, that wasn't Florida's goal to begin the year. The goal is to go 14-0, winning the SEC title and national championship along the way.

With the only other undefeated SEC team standing in the way -- and aiming for the same goals -- it's won't be easy to meet those expectations. But if Tebow plays like he did Saturday, you've got to like the Gators' chances.