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Other Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

Whomping Chattanooga tells us nothing.

2. Florida

Whomping FIU tells us nothing.

3. Ole Miss

In some sort of backwards way, the Rebels did fulfill their preseason expectations by being second in the West. Not the gung-ho, Phil Steele-style "most of my computer projections have Ole Miss going undefeated" expectations, but to end up second after all the turmoil is pretty good. Assuming they don't blow the Egg Bowl, of course.

4. LSU

I guess as the only other team that can finish above .500 in the conference they go here, but what is their best win? Auburn, I guess, followed by Georgia. They lost to each of the teams above them. That's understandable, but it's not what Tiger fans were hoping for.

5. Arkansas

Catching fire at just the right time.

6. Auburn

Will they be fresh and ready after finally having a bye?

7. Tennessee

It was a nice bounceback game, but Vandy's still Vandy.

8. Kentucky

Suddenly dangerous. I like that from a football team.

9. Georgia


10. South Carolina

Only one more loss to go before the collapse is complete. It amazes me as much as it does you, but Dabo has actually wrangled some consistency out of Clemson. And they said it couldn't be done.

11. Mississippi State

Close, but not quite: the story of the 2009 season.

12. Vanderbilt

The freshman running backs look good, at least.