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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot for Week 12


1. Alabama Crimson Tide
What's left to say about the Tide?

2. Florida Gators
This team -- [pauses for about 30 seconds] -- we're not going to have any more power poll ballots this week.

3. Mississippi Rebels
If it's November, then Houston Nutt has his team playing like no one can defeat them.

4. Tennessee Volunteers
Please, Lane, just remain quiet and keep me from regretting this.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks
They will defeat LSU this weekend and once again end the Bengals' season on a sour note. I'm pretty confident, but the Mayor might remind you not to bet on that.

6. LSU Tigers
We were wondering what their pattern of defeating the awful teams and losing to the great teams made them. The answer: An average team.

7. South Carolina Gamecocks
They defeated Kentucky and almost defeated Georgia, so for now they can take a ranking better than both. A loss against Clemson would obviously change that.

8. Kentucky Wildcats
Could easily end the season in the top half of the conference after this weekend's action.

9. Georgia Bulldogs
It's time to revamp the coaching staff entirely. Mark Richt should probably stay, but everyone else needs to be seriously evaluated.

10. Auburn Tigers
Points are pretty, bye weeks not so much.

11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
Dan Mullen made a joke. Which is probably the best thing you can do when you're about to lose to your cross-state rival by 30.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores
There's always 25 years from last season.