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Sprints is Clearing Janzen Jackson and Watching Urban Crier // 11.24.09

Team Speed Kills Now. Later. Back at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT. On the menu: Florida-Florida State and South Carolina-Clemson with the authors of the SBN blogs covering the ACC teams, Tomahawk Nation and Shakin' the Southland respectively.

Janzen Jackson cleared. One of the fair criticisms of the news media is that the charges are always reported on the front page and the charges being dismissed isn't. So:

Prosecutors announced this morning they had dropped charges against Jackson and the woman accused of acting as a getaway driver in a botched holdup Nov. 12 outside the Pilot convenience store on Cumberland Avenue. Charges against two former players, Nu'Keese Richardson, 18, and Mike Edwards, 18, still stand, according to Randy Nichols, Knox County district attorney general. ...

"The investigation and careful review of all relevant evidence failed to show ... Ms. Montmarquet or Mr. Jackson had prior knowledge that the attempted robbery was going to take place and were unaware something had occurred until after they pulled out of the Pilot store," according to the DA's statement.

3SIB tries to keep things in perspective for the Vols faithful.

This doesn’t mean that Janzen is going to get to continue to play ball for the Big Orange or work his way back onto the team somehow, but it certainly doesn’t hurt his case.

Still, this goes along with everything that many of those watching the case had surmised in the last few weeks: Jackson probably wasn't actively involved in the ALLEGED attempted armed robbery and doesn't appear to have been involved at all. That's why Lane Kiffin went easier on him than on Nu'Keese Richardson or Mike Edwards and why Jackson likely will end up playing for Tennessee again.

Urban Meyer's emotional press conference. I have to admit that I like this. It's humanizing and reminds us of a side of Meyer that we don't often get to see when he's setting his steely gaze on the opponent and calling timeouts with less than two minutes left in a shellacking.


On Notre Dame:

"I’m going to be the coach at Florida for as long as they have me. Want to make that clear."

The amazing thing about that statement is that it will change zero minds. Fans who are convinced that Meyer is going to remain at Florida will tout this as the latest evidence that he's not going anywhere. Fans who are convinced that Meyer is on the first plane from Pasadena to South Bend will simply reply: Nick Saban.

On Tim Tebow:

"He’s had the same impact on me that he has on college football. He’s had that on my children ... The unselfishness and his mission outside of college football is unparalleled as far as I’m concerned. The impact he’s made, it’s almost like selfishness is now a cool thing. Kids realizing to give back, if you can brighten someone’s day, you do it. ... It's very noticeable behind closed doors more than probably what you guys see."

Whether he wins another national championship or Heisman or not, keep in mind that Tebow is more than just another football player. Of course, Meyer's press conference could be a useful reminder that all of these people are far more complex than the characters we see on the field.

Michael Guilford will be recognized
Which is appropriate.

That bad, huh?
Hale begins with this note:

Mark Richt has been asked after his past three losses if he was concerned about where the program was headed, and he has consistently said that the future remains bright.

And then he pretty much proceeds to shell the idea until all that's left are the charred hopes of the Georgia faithful. It's a pretty devastating piece.

Miles takes responsibility for the last-minute meltdown

"I'm responsible. I'm the head coach."

He still doesn't seem to have the sequence of events down or to realize that he would have had more time to react had he made sure the timeout was called. But it's progress.

But he might not have been calling for the spike
SEC Chatter has this bit from Miles' press conference Monday:

I saw as a part of reference to come over here today a YouTube video of me pointing at the ground. That was on the reception as soon as Toliver caught the ball. The Ole Miss Rebel came up with the ball. That was a description of the coach trying to tell them, 'It was down. It was down.'

Plausible at least.

Keep an eye on the man's feet
How to tell whether Joe Cox is preparing for a run play or a pass.

I'm not sure what to make of this
One of the KKK members that took part in the protest FAIL at Ole Miss this weekend was seen wearing an Auburn hat.

How nice
In the spirit of the coming holidays, Dan Mullen had some kind words for the coach of the Ole Miss Rebels.

"They had some NFL talent last year and it looks like they have NFL talent this year. Coach Orgeron did a great job recruiting to that staff there. That's what he does. He's done that everywhere he's been."

Wait a minute ...

Rich Brooks wants these reporters to get off his lawn
After trying to dodge a question about whether he would return next season, Rich Brooks decided to answer the follow-up with a more direct approach.

"You know what? I’m not going to answer anything about that anymore," Brooks said. "I’m going to talk about Tennessee. None of that junk. This is not the appropriate forum. We have a huge game with a lot at stake, and we’ll address those issues at the appropriate time."

I doubt "junk" was the first word that came to mind for Brooks. But don't get him annoyed unless you want to find out what happened to Teddy Roosevelt when he and Brooks decided to box during a quiet moment in the Spanish-American War.

Moe Brown's senior season spurred by discussion with ... Moe Brown?
South Carolina's departing WR might be insane. Speaking of a conversation WITH HIMSELF before this season:

"We had a little discussion with each other," he said. "We decided, Look this game is too fun. You're gonna drive yourself crazy out here, trying to worry about all the pressures, what people are saying."

No word on whether he followed that up with "my precious."

Danielson the best?
SportsBusiness Journal says Gary Danielson is the best broadcaster in the biz, and it's hard to disagree with that from where I sit. Make fun of his habit of picking a favorite player or two if you want, but he's a good analyst. I have to disagree with Holly on the question of whether he's better than Cris Collinsworth; the Sunday Night Football co-host always seems to me like he's about to try to sell me a used car. But there are certainly more than enough problems with the list. Phil Simms ahead of Kirk Herbstreit? Troy IF I SAY SOMETHING IN A VERY LOUD MONOTONE THEN IT MUST BE IMPORTANT Aikman at No. 6, with Ron Franklin at 7? Joe Buck and Mike Tirico before Brent Musburger? Jon Gruden before Ron Jaworski? And Todd Blackledge? Mike Patrick -- anywhere?

'We know that playoff proponents are in possession of WMD'
The BCS hires Ari Fleischer. Actually, it's worth point out here that W.'s presidency really went downhill after Fleischer left. So this might be a smart move.

A fan punched Jimmy Clausen over the weekend because said fan has lost all radio contact with reality.