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Half of the BlogPoll Ballot for Week 12


I almost shifted the Top 8 around some this week but decided against it in the end. I'm thisclose to moving Oregon past Boise regardless of the head-to-head due to strength of schdule, but let's see how they do in the Civil War first. Ohio State and Pittsburgh swap, something that will be decided once and for all next week. The rest of the poll.

11 Iowa
12 Virginia Tech
13 Oklahoma State
14 Clemson
15 Oregon State

I really wanted to ding Oklahoma State for the Colorado game, but I'm not sure anyone else in the Top 25 deserves to be Nos. 13-15. And it's actually kind of a de facto one-spot increase, since Stanford and LSU are out of the Top 15. Suggestions welcome. Other than that, a few moves here and there in what is otherwise a placid section of the ballot.

16 Stanford
17 Miami
18 Penn State
19 Nebraska
20 Texas Tech

Everyone was probably a bit too quick to jump on the "Stanford to Pasadena" bandwagon, and so now everyone is going to be quick to abandon the Cardinal. Miami's resume looks weaker every time I re-examine it. Penn State is still blah but slightly less blah after waxing Michigan State. Nebraska clinches the Big XII North and did you see the score in the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game. I know Oklahoma's not that good this year, but yikes.

21 North Carolina
22 Southern Cal
23 Mississippi
24 Cal
25 LSU

If I have to continue to have Southern Cal on my ballot -- and I don't see any way to avoid it -- then it's at least nice to see them behind the Tar Heels. Ole Miss returns and LSU avoids missing the cut altogether; I am selling all the Tiger stock I have.