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Sprints Is Respecting Uga VII and Dissing the Klan // 11.20.09

A damn good dog dies. Uga VII has died of a heart attack.

At 4 years old, he was practically a pup and had served as Georgia's mascot for not even two full football seasons when he unexpectedly succumbed to heart problems. ...

Uga VII's sudden passing causes a predicament. There will be no time to find his replacement before Saturday's home game against Kentucky. So the Bulldogs will have to play without a bulldog. ...

Uga VII, the biggest of the line at 56 1/2 pounds, made his sideline debut against Georgia Southern in the season opener on Aug. 30, 2008.

This is a tough one to handle here in Sprints. I want to be respectful, because I understand that this is a difficult time for Dawg fans and really all college football fans. But we do like to have a little bit of fun here ...

MaconDawg comes to the rescue.

There's been some call for a blackout in honor of Uga VII.

You want to honor your great mascot by losing to Kentucky by 40? Wonderful idea there.

No dog for the Dawgs on Saturday

"There’s lineage out there we can depend on in unforeseen cases such as this. That’s what we intend to do,"  said Swann Seiler,  daughter of  Sonny Seiler, the owner of Uga VII.  "There may not be an Uga VIII,"  she told the AJC.

May not be an Uga VIII for that game or forever? College football wouldn't be the same without some Uga laying on a block of ice.

Orson finds appropriate humor in the situation

"How we can lose a damn good dawg like this and still have Willie Martinez is…it’s just…it’s just not right."

The state of Georgia football in 22 words.

At least the deceased was more intelligent than these guys
Ugh. the North Mississippi great titan for the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan ...

Hold on just a minute. Am I the only person who has trouble taking seriously someone who sounds like they got their position names from a bad role-playing game? "Great titan"? That's kind of redundant. Sort of like calling yourself "the racist Klan."

I thought about quoting these people for a minute, but I decided not to waste precious space doing so. The KKK is protesting at Ole Miss this weekend because they ended the playing of "From Dixie with Love" after some students refused to stop chanting "The South Will Rise Again" after the song was over. The people who didn't stop it had been warned several times, and there's no freedom of speech issue with the university choosing to stop playing the song. If you really think that, you've ever never actually read the First Amendment or you're pretty ignorant.

I'm sorry. We're talking about the Klan. Now I'm the one who's being redundant.

Lane Kiffin thinks Dexter McCluster is a first-rounder
Given Oakland's track record in this regard and Boy Wonder's 5-15 record by the Bay, I'm not sure this is an endorsement that McCluster wants to advertise.

Is Trindon Holliday just hype?
That's what Red Cup Rebellion says, and they go with statistics to make their point. Danielson says FAST FAST FAST.

Chance Veazey paralyzed
Thoughts and prayers to the freshman second baseman for Georgia.

Why would you boycott them?
It's true.