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Sprints Is Amazed That All Tennessee Players Haven't Been Arrested // 11.18.09

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Do I hear '11 months and six days'? 11 months and six days! Do I hear '11 months and five days'?
Unbeknownst to perhaps everyone else but the man involved, Tennessee's non-police blotter streak had actually already ended when a couple of players ALLEGEDLY decided it would be fun to point a pellet gun at someone.

Tennessee freshman defensive back Nyshier Oliver broke the nearly year-long string of no public police incidents when he was charged with shoplifting just hours before the Vols played host to Memphis on Nov. 7.

Maybe we spoke too soon in saying Boy Wonder wasn't like Phil Fulmer.

'Bad news'
Rocky Top Talk weighs in:

This is bad news either way for Tennessee's perception and Kiffin's once-clean record in terms of program discipline. To me, it's much worse if Kiffin knew about the incident when he made the comments four days later about the program being so clean.

There will be more disciplinary action to follow on both Oliver and Janzen Jackson...but Tennessee's once-stellar recruiting class has taken serious damage, and both Kiffin and the program must deal with the reality that questions of character and discipline are now back on the table.

Or you could just have the coaching staff rip their shirts off again and get the whole thing off the front page.

 What? No takers?

Kiffin says it was a 'tough' decision to let Richardson, Edwards go
In the other Tennessee brush with the law, Lane Kiffin on the dismissals of two of the players involved in the ALLEGED armed robbery attempt:

"Our No. 1 rule is 'Protect the team.' As the head coach, I have to make decisions that sometimes you don't want to do. It was a sad day yesterday for those two kids and I wish them the best of luck. They obviously made a very poor decision, but we can't allow that to be a part of our team."

I thought the No. 1 rule was to get the logo and colors in the newspaper as often as possible?

His greatness cannot be measured by your 'numbers'
Urban Meyer will be mad if Tim Tebow isn't given a gilded invitation to the Heisman Trophy ceremony for ... well, being Tim Tebow is enough, right?

"Absolutely, yeah I'll be upset," Urban Meyer said Tuesday. "‘Cause he didn't throw for as many yards as another guy? He's the quarterback of the No. 1 team in college football. I think the Heisman goes to the best player, and it'd be hard to argue that he's not."

Yeah, coach, now that you mention it, "'cause he didn't throw for as many yards as another guy" is a pretty decent reason not to invite someone to an awards show for the best player in the sport.

"How do you evaluate a player, especially a leader?" Meyer said. "Do you win games? That's always been number one."

Wait a minute. Are we talking about Tim Tebow or the Florida defense?

Ask Southern Cal how that worked out for them
Meyer also touts the NFL pedigree of seven of his juniors.

They might be aware that you're getting waxed
No publicity is bad publicity for Chattanooga, apparently, which is looking forward to its opportunity to play in front of a national audience Saturday. Against Alabama, remember.

"It's always great when you can expose as many people as possible to the UTC brand and create an awareness that you couldn't get otherwise," athletic director Rick Hart said. ...

"Hopefully we play OK, where people say, 'Man, that's a feisty bunch and I like the way they played football,' no matter how the outcome occurs," Mocs coach Russ Huesman said. "Just being on TV helps us."


Life intervenes
Rennie Curran shows reporters pictures of his 14-month-old daughter while discussing the NFL Draft.

"I’m not the normal college student," Curran said. "Having her and seeing her and not being able to take her out and provide for her, it really weighs down on me, being a father and not being able to spend that time with her because I’m in college. I definitely want to be able to provide for her. She’s my heart. It’s definitely going to be something I’m going to be thinking about in terms of that decision."

I'm usually one of those who thinks that players should get their degree and then leave school. But if there's a child in the picture -- make your money as soon as you can.

Maybe if we just exposed the rumor to sunlight
Perhaps driving a stake through its heart would work as well. As the fan of another SEC East fan, I would love for Urban Meyer to go to Notre Dame -- I'd even chip in to help cover his buyout -- but it is not happening.

Tennessee sets single-game scoring record
This being in that strange sport called -- let me check the spelling to make sure I get it right -- basketball.