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The BCS Has a Face

The folks in charge of the BCS held a vote, and Bill Hancock will become the new executive director. His new office replaces the old position of BCS coordinator.

Love it, hate it, or anything in between, you would have to agree that the BCS needs a single central executive figure. What I think a lot of people don't realize is that the BCS is not an institution; it is simply a series of contracts between conferences, bowls, TV networks, and Notre Dame. Because of that decentralized nature, pulling everything together is a tough task.

Conference commissioners have been filling the coordinator role for years, but then you end up with situations like we had over the summer where plus one proponent John Swofford of the ACC was forced to go in front of Congress and defend the status quo. It was obvious he was making a case he didn't fully believe in. Plus, as the AP article states, it's a lot of work to coordinate the BCS on top of being a conference commissioner.

So, the task of defending and upholding the series falls on one person now. Hancock, an employee of the BCS since 2005, presumably is a firm believer in the system and can function as a more convincing leader than Swofford or presumably co-plus one proposer Mike Slive can be. Whether this means anything in the long run regarding a plus one, Congress, or the playoff demanding hordes remains to be seen.