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SEC Power Poll Final Ballot



1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Florida Gators
3 LSU Tigers
4 Mississippi Rebels
Georgia Bulldogs
6t Tennessee Volunteers
6t Arkansas Razorbacks
8 South Carolina Gamecocks
9 Auburn Tigers
10 Kentucky Wildcats
11 Mississippi St. Bulldogs
12 Vanderbilt Commodores

C&F's ballot

1. Alabama
In a league that really hasn't made any sense since midway through the 2007 season, Alabama and Florida are the only constants of the last two years.

2. Florida
I can't decide if Florida is worse than it looks or better. If Stephen Garcia throws a ball about four feet to the right of where he threw it, the Gators might be 9-1 today. But if Tebow puts a little more touch on two passes and/or Caleb Sturgis remembers how to kick a FG, Florida wins by about 20.

3. LSU
Louisiana Tech?

4. Ole Miss
Where have you been the last few weeks? Oh, keeping Dexter McCluster under wraps for a really important moment. So, a chance to win the SEC Championship didn't count?

5. Arkansas
Defense wins championships, but a functioning offense can get you named one of the best teams in the SEC.

6. Tennessee
Okay, I understand getting distracted because two of your teammates and maybe three are facing very long prison sentences. But couldn't you have tackled Dexter McCluster just once?

7. Georgia
Willie Martinez is still fired after this season is over, at least if Richt knows what's good for him. But he leaves after defeating Gus Malzahn and consistently shutting down Steve Spurrier. Getting obliterated by all of your rivals will do that.

8. South Carolina
I'm pretty sure they are better than they look. But not much.

9. Kentucky
Might end up as the least convincing eight-win team in America.

10. Auburn
That's the Todd the rest of the SEC has been looking for.

11. Mississippi State
Dan Mullen is still moving in the right direction, just not quickly.

12. Vanderbilt
Next time, try putting that bye week sometime before the end of the season.