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Sprints Hopes You Won't Boo It for a Lack of Radio Showness // 11.17.09

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Team Speed Kills Now. Some other time.A thousand apologies, but Team Speed Kills Now will not air tonight because of a mixture of factors that include a dearth of ideas about the coming weekend and a need for a slight break. I would anticipate it airing Monday next week to avoid trampling on holiday plans. Accusations of slackerdom accepted in the comments.

Booing fans confuse Les Miles
One solution to the problem might be defeating Louisiana Tech by more than eight. I'm just sayin'.

"I'm glad that it's not boos on one of our players," Miles said at his press luncheon Monday after being told the booing may have been directed to the play calling and play callers more than to Lee. "Certainly our fan base would all want to support our guys. I don't know that the forum or the voting of booing in any way affects anything positively. I've never been to a contest where that affected anything positively."

Les, I'm not sure that's really the point.

Miles sounds pretty confident that Jordan Jefferson will be back
Hopefully, the fans will be more polite to their usual starting QB.

It turns out Bobby Johnson can be mildly cool if he wants to
Things you never expected to hear Bobby Johnson say when discussing an injury to LB Patrick Benoist:

"Patrick knows our defense backward and forward. Practice is not a big thing, as Allen Iverson told us. It’s just practice."

Let's not go crazy here. It's not like Johnson dropped a Jay-Z reference into his press conference or anything. But admit it: This is 100 times cooler than anything you ever thought he would say.

Maybe he is getting readY to take the Notre Dame job
Urban Meyer channels Lou Holtz.

"There is no question FIU will be a bowl team sooner than you think," Meyer said. ...

"This is not a smaller Division I team. This is a very good team that will be in a bowl game within two years. That's our opinion, because they have very good personnel and they throw it around. The won last week and they have a lot of ability."

Yes, Florida International defeated 2-8 North Texas by a touchdown. They're headed for the postseason.

I could really care less which question got Tim Tebow angry
But here's an interesting stat from Florida's win over South Carolina.

Florida's offensive coordinator Steve Addazio appeared to open things up a bit on Saturday against South Carolina. Tebow attempted 25 passes, which is the most passes Tebow has attempted since the Arkansas game (26). Tebow also had two throws of 30 yards or more on Saturday. Before Saturday, Tebow had only completed two passes of 30 yards or more in SEC play.

That success through the air likely makes Tim Tebow much happier.

Caleb Sturgis is still Florida's starting kicker -- for now
The job isn't officially open, but it's open.

"I’m going to let Jon Phillips have some opportunities this week in practice," [Meyer] said. "It’s very disappointing, not just for the game, but Caleb is better than that. He’s pressing right now. We’ve just got to get through it."

To be fair to Sturgis, Meyer put him in some difficult situations, including two kicks of more than 50 yards. But you have to make 29-yarders as a kicker for a major college program.

Actually, they're going to be called by the lucky fan sitting in seat 32 Q 1
The Gamecocks' play calling situation is about to get murkier so LOU HOLTZ IS A TERRIBLE EVIL MAN. It looks like QB coach G.A. Mangus might get the job next season and LOU HOLTZ IS A TERRIBLE EVIL MAN. Steve Spurrier Sr. did a good job during the Florida game and the important thing is LOU HOLTZ IS A TERRIBLE EVIL MAN.

Mark Ingram on the verge of history
But will Heisman voters take note?

That's not a trend line you really want to highlight
I'm somewhat confused by the picture accompanying this post, but Alabama has apparently failed to win the SEC or the national titles in the previous two 10-0 seasons, the only times it went undefeated in the first 10 games and didn't win at least the league honors. How many of those national championships are legit depends on to whom you listen, i suppose ...