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Half the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

Basically had the result in Starkville that Florida would have without the two pick sixes.

2. Florida

When people feel pressure, they tend to retreat to their comfort zones. That would explain why Urban Meyer's strategy this year has been positively Woody Hayes-ish: going conservative on offense and letting the defense win games.

3. LSU

They need Jordan Jefferson back in a hurry.

4. Georgia

Don't look now, but the Bulldogs are only a half game back of LSU in the overall SEC standings with only Kentucky to go.

5. Ole Miss

We've now got the top five we thought we would in the preseason. Finally.

6. Auburn

Switching to an extreme form of the hurry up offense and not having a bye week until after 11 games is not a great combination.

7. South Carolina

Another team that could use a bye week, especially now that Clemson looks pretty good.

8. Tennessee


9. Arkansas

It took a year, but Arkansas is back in the post season. Don't expect the Hogs to rest on their laurels though, since they have two winnable games to go.

10. Kentucky

Going bowling once again. Anyone who thought five years ago that Rich Brooks would be doing this is lying.

11. Mississippi State

They've been competitive all season, but it will take two upsets to get to the post season.

12. Vanderbilt

Defeated Lipscomb 95-73 last night to start the season off 1-0, and they're third in the also receiving votes section of both the Coaches' and AP Polls. Four guys in double figures is always a good sign.