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Topics for Discussion // 11.14.09

Time to choose sides on the SEC Championship Game. Florida and Alabama are now both 10-0, with the Gators having finished an undefeated run through the league and Alabama one season-ending win at Auburn away from it. Both teams have a cupcake next week before their rivalrly games to close out the year. So, will both make it to Atlanta without a loss? And who will win the game and why?

Should Willie Martinez's job be safe now? I hate to torture Dawgs fans by even asking that question, but Georgia did a better job than most expected against the Malzahffense. The Red and Black didn't precisely shut the Tigers donw, but they did enough to allow Georgia to come out with a bowl-clinching win.

Does Tennessee finish with a .500 or better record in the SEC? And do they go bowling? The Vols have two league wins and five wins overall but took a huge step backwards Saturday with a 42-17 loss to Ole Miss in Oxford. The remaining games on the schedule are against Vanderbilt and at Kentucky. A split would all but ensure a postseason berth; a sweep would give the Vols the even mark in conference play.

Who would you take first among bowl-eligible teams: South Carolina, Georgia or Kentucky? Arkansas or Ole Miss? All five are just over the threshhold -- Ole Miss has seven wins but has played two FCS opponents -- and both of those knots are going to have to be untangled by some bowl committee. Prioritize them by division if you like or overall. But pretend as you do it that you're wearing a colorful blazer and have to consider more than just wins and losses.

If you were only allowed to watch FIU vs. Florida or Chattanooga vs. Alabama next weekend, which one would it be? Consider whatever you want on this one -- Florida and Alabama fans probably have it the easiest. Meanwhile, name one SEC game next week that you actually want to watch.