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Sprints Will Take Your Ideas or $3 Billion, Either One // 11.12.09

Help us. We should probably do some sort of a decade retrospective here, even if the decade doesn't technically end until Dec. 31, 2010. (For those who haven't already heard this: There was never a 0 A.D. or B.C., so the first ten years technically ran 1-10 and the second decade started with 11 A.D.) In any case, we're open to ideas about what categories you would suggest and what nominees you might have for those categories. Sure, there are the easy ones that you almost have to include -- best and worst game, team, player, etc. -- but we'd also like to have some original ones. We're also working on it, but any suggestions would be another example of what makes blogging rewarding: Interaction with others. Look for the series post-championship game in December.

It's so hard to make $3 billion nowadays ...
Mike Slive complains about officiating and media rights issues in an interview with the Associated Press.

Has it been difficult? Yes. Has it been painful? Yes. But this league has been a great league for 76 years. There have been different issues at different times. I fully understand the disappointment the fans feel when something happens that impacts their team.

Listen: You give me the $3 billion over the next 15 years and I'll handle the problems, OK?

That is, unless they take Tommy West's advice and shut down the program
Memphis is the latest job for which Charlie Strong will be considered and inexplicably not hired.

A.J. Green back for Georgia-Auburn game
He could break the 300-yard receiving mark in a single game, either in a winning or losing effort against the Tigers defense.

Cox nearly played for Duke
This would obviously have been a huge problem for Georgia this season had Joe Cox actually gone to Raleigh Durham. Logan Gray would have to play quarterback, and then who would have fair-caught kicks?

'And there's a 20-yard sack by Integrity'
South Carolina will wear its special military-themed uniforms this weekend.

The Gators also have one
The special Nike Pro Combat uniforms for Florida have been unveiled -- apparently before Nike wanted them to be -- but will debut at a Gator home game.

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC
The Mayor takes his weekly trip around the league games.

Is the season now boring?
I didn't necessarily want to ask that question, as it seemed out of place in any discussion about our beloved sport. But Dr. Saturday makes some good points that are difficult to counter.

A good point
And The Valley Shook on why we shouldn't compare football to war:

It cheapens our understanding of actual combat and actual war. Not to disrespect what our linemen go through every week, and their preparation and the real dangers they face when they go out on the football field, it is not the same as getting shot at or walking through a literal minefield.

Not much that I could add to that.