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Sprints Always Calls Its Own Plays // 11.11.09

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Remember Veterans Day. And a thank you to all who serve, wherever you might be in these troubled times.

Team Speed Kills Now. Back then. The podcast of this week's show, for those who are interested but missed it.


I will call the plays in the future, just like I've been doing so far
The chaotic play-calling arrangement of South Carolina has been streamlined. Steve Spurrier will do it.

"I call most of the plays, and I may be the principle play-caller now with suggestions from the other coaches. That's about how we've been doing it," Spurrier said during his weekly news conference. "I still carry all the ball plays out there (on a play sheet). Some of you may say, 'Well, let somebody else call them, it's not working very well.' And some of you may say, 'Why don't you call them?' But it's all (dependent) on what's working or not."

He's also not going anywhere, despite all those golf course guides you've been sending him.

Well, you could just say it was Steve Martin ...
Bobby Johnson is not pleased with Mike Slive's fine-o-matic for criticizing officials.

"But I think we ought to have the opportunity to say 'I disagree with a call' and not be fined. You can't say, 'Well, I think he did it on purpose' or 'I think it's a conspiracy.' But if I think it was a bad call, I ought to be able to say it was a bad call. I guess I can't."

Johnson was asked what he thought of the officiating in Vanderbilt's 27-3 loss at Florida.

"It was wonderful," he said. "Best I've ever seen."

For some reason, I doubt he was being entirely honest there.

Steve Addazio Unplugged
Florida OC Steve Addazio might actually be insane.

Because we’ve got some tailbacks that can be explosive, and that’s what we’re talking about – explosives. And we’re constantly working on the red zone, especially the throw game down there in the red zone. ...

We didn’t just fall off the pickle boat and all of a sudden we showed up 9-0 now.

Yes, the Gators do need to work on the "throw game" in the end zone. This man is in charge of your national championship defending offense, Gator fans.

The whole thing is worth a read.

The South Will Not Rise Again at Ole Miss
Chancellor Dan Jones has pulled the plug on "From Dixie With Love" at Ole Miss to stop the chant of "The South will rise again!"

"Here at the University of Mississippi, there must be no doubt that this is a warm and welcoming place for all," Jones wrote in a letter to the Ole Miss community. "We cannot even appear to support those outside our community who advocate a revival of segregation. We cannot fail to respond."

Just for that, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is returning his tickets to next week's game.

Gus Malzahn has 'big dreams' at Auburn
And he'll have even bigger dreams at Memphis.

Because it worked so well the last time ...
I really don't understand Mark Richt's decision to rotate players out of the game based on penalties. First, anyone who's looked at the issue through statistics and not out of frustration has found that penalties don't cost a team the game -- poorly-timed penalties, perhaps, but not penalties in and of themselves. Second, you're willingly going to remove your first-string players because they commit a penalty? That makes sense how exactly?

Isn't any offense except South Carolina's really Willie Martinez's worst nightmare?
MaconDawg recounts the reasons why Dawg fans should be afraid of Auburn this weekend.