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Half of the SEC Power Poll Ballot


1. Alabama

I don't have a compelling reason to move the Tide down from last week, but the margin is slimmer than ever.

2. Florida

They seem to be getting things in order, but without anyone to put up a really stiff fight before the SEC title game, there's little chance to prove it conclusively.

3. LSU

I was right in the off season: they're still a year away. But, you can't help but feel for them losing both Charles Scott and Jordan Jefferson during the Bama game. There's bad luck, and then there's bad luck.

4. Tennessee

Inertia keeps the Vols here for now, but it's worth noting that Auburn has a better overall record.

5. Auburn

There's no way I'm rewarding anyone for beating Furman, but at least the roller coaster is firmly on the upswing again.

6. Ole Miss

I guess?

7. Georgia

One of just five teams with a .500 or better SEC record.

8. South Carolina

The downward spiral is likely to continue this weekend, I'm afraid.

9. Arkansas

I know they just beat South Carolina, but that's only their second conference win and they were on the beneficial size of the Chicken Curse. Do it again, and we'll talk.

10. Mississippi State

If the Bulldogs can somehow find their way into a bowl, I'll be impressed.

11. Kentucky

I wonder if they've ever thought about putting a roof on Commonwealth Stadium and laying down some hardwood. It would make sense on some level, right?

12. Vanderbilt

I hear the city of Nashville does some nice holiday decorating. That's going to be rolled out soon, right?