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Sprints Doesn't Have High Def, But He's Also Not a Replay Official // 11.10.09

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A still shot
For those of you who were demanding that as proof that the interception was an interception.

This is stunning
Apparently, conferences making massive money on TV contracts can't spring for HD.

One of the problems that may be out there starting to surface is some of the monitors in the replay booths are nowhere near as sophisticated as those who have high-definition at home. (The replay official) is probably looking at a monitor that's 5 or 6 years old and doesn't have all the technical advantages that we purchase for ourselves.

I have no idea how to respond to this. The people at home, who have no impact on the game, have better equipment with which to review calls than those who ultimately control the outcome of the play. It's like they don't care. (HT: Blutrasky)

Was he twitching as he said it?
It's not hard to imagine Les Miles biting clean through his tongue while talking about hte play.

Well, in this instance in my opinion, two well-meaning officials were working like heck to make that call on the sideline, and they need that help (of instant replay). So it turns to the instant replay booth, and it's an interesting thing that's going on in college football across the board. ...

I looked at the television feed, and I do not know what the instant replay officials are looking at. I defer, and I'm going to understand that in fact these guys are doing everything they can to get it right. I'm going to figure if there's an issue, they'll get it fixed.

That should remain on the other side of the fine line for Mike Slive.

Nick Saban cares not at all for your 'complaints'
Saban on Refgate, Parts 1-307:

If I was an official, and I was making what I made officiating because I love the game and I love doing it, and I was getting criticized by the media -- including our announcers on TV -- like these guys are getting criticized, I'd step back and say, 'I think I'll go to the lake this weekend. You can have this.' That's what I'd do.

Actually, Nick Saban would walk up to the broadcast booth and pummel Gary Danielson. Then he'd go to the lake. But only if he had time for this accountability ...

No statement on the interception
The SEC office will remain mum on this mistake.


Just when you thought this story was absolutely dead
No, Tim Tebow isn't at war with Steve Spurrier over the All-SEC snub.

"I just kind of laughed that off when it happened," Tebow said. "It kind of blew up into a big deal. That's not going to have any extra motivation."

Can we now please never ever hear about this again?

Tebow: I'm really absolutely completely totally healthy now

Safety Dorian Munroe is 'done'
A torn ACL. Our best wishes to Munroe.

He should have stayed on his yacht
Bill Martin apologizes for pushing students who were doing their jobs.