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Topics for Discussion // 10.31.09

Time to start thinking about bowl games. Florida, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina and Auburn have clinched bowl elibility, with Vanderbilt out. Let's go easy on the first week thinking about this: Assume Florida or Alabama goes to the BCS Championship Game and the other goes to the Sugar Bowl. Select for the Capital One, Cotton and Outback bowls. (In case you don't know, Cap One gets the next team, Cotton gets the next SEC West selection and the Outback takes the next team out of the East.) Who doesn't get into the postseason at all?

Is this the Florida that we've been looking for? The 41-17 annihilation of Georgia seems to indicate that the Gators are who we thought they are -- a pretty good football team. But let's be honest for a minute here; the Dawgs haven't exactly been lighting things up and lost to Tennessee by almost the same margin.

Are you sold on Jonathan Crompton now? He might not have been a superstar against South Carolina, but he's thrown 11 TDs against just 3 INTs since the end of the Florida game. If he keeps playing this way, Tennesse might be unbeatable the rest of the way.

What do you think about Mississippi State? The Western Division Bulldogs picked up a second SEC win Saturday, defeating Kentucky 31-24. Their remaining games are vs. Alabama, at Arkansas and vs. Ole Miss.

More disappointing: Georgia or Mississippi? The Dawgs are 4-4 and have already matched the highest loss total of the Mark Richt Era. The Rebels are 5-3 but have to win seven games to go to a bowl because they scheduled two FCS teams; their remaining FBS opponents are Tennessee, LSU and the visit to Starkville.