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Sprints Hopes It Catches You Before You Leave the Office // 10.09.09

Commish: Punishment for officials should be a super-duper top secret
Mike Slive feels that saying "our bad" is good enough for public consumption.

He says the SEC has an accountability system for officials and if somebody is not good enough they won't stay. The commissioner says he's "just never felt that a public hanging in the square" will make better officials.

You would never survive as the sorta-kinda-not at all elected ruler of Iran, sir.


Fowler: Tebow 'on track' to play
Swamp Things says team members think he'll take the field.

Two sources said today that Tebow's on track to be available to play against LSU. As of Thursday afternoon, he's passed all his concussion-related tests and practiced successfully.

Urban Meyer will make the final call along with the Tebow family, but the feeling among much of the team is that Tebow will play.

At this point, who knows what's real and what's a smokescreen? CBS gladly reminds you that the actual answer will be provided Saturday at 8 p.m. ET.

Oh, cmon, you thought it was cool
Alligator Army reminds us that Tim Tebow's legend was born in a previous game against LSU.

Florida without Tebow
How it would work, as only Chris Brown can tell it.

'Valuable member' of Florida to miss LSU game with concussion
It's Moses Jenkins.

In case you didn't understand
Poseur at And The Valley Shook translates Urban Meyer's press conference.

That's the expected crowd for Saturday's Florida-LSU game, per the LSUPD.


Yes, but will his grandmother be calling the plays?
Marlon Brown could play an important role for the Dawgs on Saturday.

Kentucky defense out vs. South Carolina
After the performances against Alabama and Florida, it's not at all clear that fans will notice the difference.

South Carolina defense out vs. Kentucky
Fans will very, very much notice the difference.

It's McElroy's fault
Roll Bama Roll's outsidethesidelines looks at, you know, what actually happened during the game to try to figure out what went wrong with Julio Jones during the Kentucky game.

Julio Jones' lack of production on Saturday really had almost nothing to do with his own shortcomings. In actuality, the real reason for the lack of production was largely the inability of Greg McElroy to get the football to him when he was open.

Jones has only caught 9 balls for 133 yards and a touchdown this year, though he has missed a couple of games.

South Carolina fan asks to be thrown into the briar patch
Tempting fate, Garnet And Black Attack's GwinnettGamecock is already calling the Kiffin regime a positive for South Carolina.

Kiffin seems to be a great recruiter and an average at best game day coach with one of the best DC's in the NFL. Unless you think he is going to bring in another Peyton Manning, his ceiling is likely the same as Fulmer's this decade: eight or nine wins with high side variance to ten and low side to six.

The thinking is he will poach talent from Georgia. Of course, he could do the same to South Carolina ...

Dez Bryant was already under investigation when he played Georgia
Expect the Athens faithful to handle this story in a balanced, well-thought-out manner.

What happened to Mitch Mustain?
He considered becoming a pitcher.