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Tebow Still Not Cleared for Practice

Tim Tebow has been free of concussion symptoms for "several days" but is not cleared to practice yet. Urban Meyer actually called a press conference to say that, but you knew that already if you've been following along with the story. He must be asymptomatic for at least a week before being cleared for practice, and he was still having headaches at least as late as last Tuesday.

The only real news is that Meyer cast doubt on the idea of Tebow playing without practicing, saying "Can Tim play quarterback for Florida against a very good defense without practicing? I'm not sure about that. We'll see." Last week, coaches ventured Tebow playing without practicing as a possibility.

Meanwhile, John Brantley continues to work as the starter. Chas Henry, UF punter and a former high school quarterback, is getting snaps as the backup. Freshman QB Jordan Reed has been sick, but may get some snaps. Some unnamed other guys (but probably Joe Haden) will get some direct snap practice.

Moses Jenkins, who also got a concussion against Kentucky, has not been healing as fast as Tebow has been.